Unable to update DNS settings via NetBackup Appliance Shell Menu or the NetBackup Appliance Web Console

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Last Published: 2021-06-17
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Unable to update DNS settings on Appliance using NetBackup Appliance Shell Menu or the NetBackup Appliance Web Console

Error Message

Using the NetBackup Appliance Web Console

Failed to configure DNS settings or Host Name Resolution entries due to some unexpected error.

NetBackup Appliance Shell Menu

Network> DNS Add Nameserver

- [Error] Invalid hostname '<server name>'. The hostname resolves to IP address '' which is not configured. Reconfigure network with correct IP address.
- [Error] With new DNS nameservers, hostname 'server name' cannot be resolved correctly. will remain unchanged.
- [Error] Failed to update the configuration


Unknown - Suspect DNS servers were not updated on the Appliance before the DNS change was made.


Manually edit the "/etc/resolv.conf" file and add the new DNS sever IP addresses and search domain. 

1) Log on to the NetBackup Appliance Shell Menu.
Navigate to Support > Maintenance and enter your password. 
On the Maintenance prompt, run the following command to disable the protection completely:
      Choose the type of override that you wish to perform:

        1. Override Prevention except for Self-Protection
        2. Override Prevention Completely
        Choice? [1] 2

Elevate to the root user by running the elevate command.

2) Check the contents of the file:

# cat /etc/resolv.conf
search hrolab.veritas.com
3)   Make a copy of the original resolv.conf
cp /etc/resolv.conf{,.orig}
4) Edit the resolv.conf using vi editor and update the DNS information.
    a. vi resolv.conf
    b. Then and press enter
    c. Press the insert key i and arrow down to the location needed and perform the edit.
    d. Then press the escape key.
    e. Type the following to save the file and exit vi:
See KB article 100047404 for a similar problem but a different cause and solution.


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