Netbackup API fails during restore of virtual machines when initiated from VRP

Netbackup API fails during restore of virtual machines when initiated from VRP

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Last Published: 2020-03-25
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The restore operation of virtual machines configured in VRP fails due to required privileges not provided to Netbackup user that VRP is using.

Error Message

9908 User is not authorizes to perform Recovery operation


The privileges needed to perform this operations are either missing or there may be some environmental issue.


1. Following permissions are needed for the custom user to perform all Netbackup operations from VRP.

    View Recovery Points
    Instant Access
    Download Files
    Restore Files
    Manage Hosts
    Manage Policies
    Manage SLPs
    Manage Assets
    Manage Appservers and Asset Groups
    Manage NetBackup
    View Storage
    Overwrite Asset

2. The script "" allows user to create a role on Netbackup master which has all the required privileges for VRP to perform all operations related to DR using Netbackup.

3. Netbackup custom user can be used to run the script. The user must have the Security administrator role assigned on Netbackup master server.

4. You can assign this role to the custom user by performing following steps.

Go to the NBU GUI -> RBAC -> Access rules -> Add Access rules -> Provide the NBU custom user, Select Security administrator and all objects.

5. You can also use the same script to delete the VRPServiceRole after creating this role. Please refer to the Readme for more details.




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