InfoScale Security Patch for Access

InfoScale Security Patch for Access

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Last Published: 2019-11-12
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Product(s): Access


When product is configured in non-secure mode there is a command injection vulnerability in the availability component of Veritas InfoScale that allows an attacker to execute arbitrary commands as root/administrator.


A fix for this issue is available for the Access versions installed on RHEL 7 Operating system. To obtain this fix please contact Veritas Technical Support and quote this article ID.

Follow below steps on all the nodes of ACCESS:

  1. Download and extract the tar file from
    md5sum Infoscale_Security_Patch.tar
    f73e9f27ef26bec2ff02c2af0e06caba  Infoscale_Security_Patch.tar
    tar -xvf Infoscale_Security_Patch.tar
  2. Give execute permission to both the scripts in Infoscale_Security_Patch directory as follows:
    chmod +x
    chmod +x
  3. Execute script


  1. If ADD node operation is performed, follow above mentioned steps on newly added node as well.
  2. If you have applied this fix on some ACCESS version and wants to do rolling upgrade to some higher ACCESS version, follow below steps:
    - Execute script
    - Upgrade the Access Software version
    - Execute script again on upgraded ACCESS software version


JIRA : IA-21599

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