Enterprise Vault Search against a Journal Archive fails

Enterprise Vault Search against a Journal Archive fails

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Last Published: 2019-01-09
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Attempting to use the Enterprise Vault Search against a Journal Archive fails or never appears to complete.

Error Message

Error from the EV Search Client Log (filename begins with EVSearchClientLog and ends with the '.txt' extension):

Error  Fault Exception received from SOAP API. || User: EVLab\vaultuser1 || System.ServiceModel.FaultException`1[Symantec.EV.Search.Server.Business.EVIndexSearchService.TooSlowFault]: Search targets a very large number of indexes and/or documents. (Fault Detail is equal to Symantec.EV.Search.Server.Business.EVIndexSearchService.TooSlowFault).
Errors from Dtrace of the w3wp process:
(w3wp)  <8272>  EV-H    {SOAPSearchService} Exception: Search targets a very large number of indexes and/or documents. Info:Search failed. Diag: Type:Symantec.EnterpriseVault.Indexing.Search.SearchTooSlowException ST:  at Symantec.EnterpriseVault.Indexing.Search.SearchClient.CheckFederatedSearchNotTooLarge(SearchRequest search, IList`1 sources)|  at Symantec.EnterpriseVault.Indexing.Search.SearchClient.ExpandSources(SearchRequest request)|  at Symantec.EnterpriseVault.Indexing.Search.SearchClient.SearchFullTextIndex(SearchRequest request, String authToken)|  at Symantec.EnterpriseVault.Indexing.Search.SearchClient.Search(SearchRequest request, String authToken)|  at Symantec.EnterpriseVault.Indexing.Search.SOAPSearchClient.Search(SearchRequest request)|  at Symantec.EnterpriseVault.Indexing.Search.Web.SOAPSearchService.Invoke[TResult](Func`1 func, String name) Inner:None
(w3wp)  <8272>  EV-H    {SearchExceptionToFaultMapper} Mapped SearchTooSlowException exception to SOAP fault: FaultException<TooSlowFault>
(w3wp)  <8272>  EV-M    {SOAP} <----- SOAP Search request FAILED for user EVLab\vaultuser1
w3wp)  <8272>  EV-H    {SOAP} Exception: Search targets a very large number of indexes and/or documents. Info:SOAP Search request from user EVLab\vaultuser1 Diag: Type:System.ServiceModel.FaultException`1[[Symantec.EnterpriseVault.Indexing.Search.TooSlowFault, EVIndexQuery, Version=, Culture=neutral, PublicKeyToken=26c5e2ccf2b9267c]] ST:  at Symantec.EnterpriseVault.Indexing.Search.Web.SOAPSearchService.Invoke[TResult](Func`1 func, String name)|  at SyncInvokeSearch(Object , Object[] , Object[] )|  at System.ServiceModel.Dispatcher.SyncMethodInvoker.Invoke(Object instance, Object[] inputs, Object[]& outputs) Inner:None


The Enterprise Vault Search tool is designed for end-user searching against their own archives. It does not allow for any case management, is limited to a selection maximum of 200 items, is limited in terms of what can be audited and has no capability for reporting.  EV Search is not designed for eDiscovery searches of a journal archive for any purpose.  Resource constraints exist that can clearly limit the scope of any EV Search when attempted to be used beyond its intended purpose of searching end-user archives by the archive owners

For more information about EV Search, see the 'About Enterprise Vault Search' section of the Enterprise Vault Introduction and Planning Guide that is included with the Enterprise Vault installation in the Administration Guides folders of the various documentation language folders of the Enterprise Vault installation folder.  For example, the English language version of this guide in the default installation location would have the path 'C:\Program Files (x86)\Enterprise Vault\Documentation\English\Administration Guides\Introduction_and_Planning.pdf'.



Search against any journal archive using

  1. Enterprise Vault (EV) Discovery Accelerator (DA) or eDiscovery Platform powered by Clearwell (eDP) for purposes such as, but not limited to:
    1. legal discovery of items to use in litigation
    2. finding items to use to restore user mailbox contents.
  2. Enterprise Vault Compliance Accelerator for purposes such as, but not limited to, finding possible improper communications between monitored users and other internal users or external contacts.

A possible 3rd party solution or workaround for this EV Search limitation is to contact Vault Solutions for their Archive Accelerator Enterprise Search product.  Information about this product with a demonstration is available at https://www.vault-solutions.com/products/archive-accelerator-enterprise-search/

Note that Veritas Support is not responsible for any issues caused by the use of any 3rd party archive search product when used to search against any archives.


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