Rolling back an appliance manually after a failed upgrade

Rolling back an appliance manually after a failed upgrade

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Last Published: 2018-10-12
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An appliance upgrade fails unexpectedly and a rollback is not triggered automatically leaving the appliance in an inconsistent state. Typically this results in an error message:

Upgrade failed and the problem could not be resolved. 


To manually roll back the appliance:

  1. On both the nodes, check if the rollback was triggered:
    a. Log on to the appliance using the admin credentials.
    b. Search the string "Rollback is done" and "Completed the rollback operation" in the  /log/upgrade_log_7.4.x_yyyy_mm_dd log file. If the "Rollback is done" or "Completed the rollback operation" message exists in the log, it implies that the rollback was triggered automatically. No further steps are required.
  2. If the appliance was not rolled back automatically, run the following commands:
    a. In the Access Appliance shell menu, use the Support > Maintenance command to go to the command shell.
    b. In the command shell, run the following commands:
    • cd patch/appliance/installed/7.4.x/scripts/
    • python
    • Reboot the node using the reboot -f command.
    • Verify that the "Rollback is done" or "Completed the rollback operation"  messages are written to the log file. 

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