Resolving EEB installation failure on Appliance Management Console

Resolving EEB installation failure on Appliance Management Console

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Modified: 2018-07-11
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EEB installation fails on agents that use an Appliance Management Server (AMS) with appliance version 3.1. When you install an EEB on such an agent from the Appliance Management Console, the EEB installation fails immediately.

This issue only appears when the agents use an AMS that is on appliance version 3.1.

This article contains the following EEB:

Error Message

The EEB installation task (EEB patch) in Activity Monitor fails with the following error message:
"V-409-919-1801 - Invalid playbook path: []"


This problem is caused because the node information cannot be validated.


To resolve this issue, Veritas has published a hotfix that is included in the EEB. The hotfix is applied when you complete the EEB installation on the AMS.

Install the EEB on the AMS as follows:

1. Log in to the NetBackup Appliance Shell Menu.
2. Go to the Manage > Software view and run the following command:
  Share Open
3. On the host where you downloaded the EEB, mount the following share  location: /inst/patch/incoming
4. Copy the EEB to the mounted share location.
5. Return to the appliance shell menu, go to the Manage > Software view, then run the following command:                                                                                                                     
  Share Close
6. Run the following command to verify that the EEB was downloaded on the appliance:
    Manage > Software > List Downloaded
7. Run the following command to install the downloaded EEB file:
    Install NBAPP_EEB_ET3951965-                                                     
8. Log on to the Appliance Management Console. It may take some time (24 hours) to display the updated information.




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