RedHat 6.9 NFS client is not getting reconnected to VCS-controlled NFS server after its failover

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After failover of VCS-controlled NFS server, RedHat 6.9 client took 10-15 minutes before it could access files. Configuration was as follows:

NFS server (under Cluster Server (VCS) control): AIX 7.1TL4 and Cluster Server 6.0.5

NFS client: RedHat 6.9


It was proven that VCS played no part in the hang on the NFS client as it also hung for about 10-15 minutes, regardless of whether the NFS server was under VCS control or not.

Error Message

There was no error as such on the NFS client. However, the mountpoint entered a hung state for about 10-15 minutes after the NFS server had been successfully failed over to another node in the cluster.


Cause was unclear, although it was suggested to upgrade the client OS.


It was suggested to upgrade the RedHat client to RHEL 7.4 (from 6.9). The hang of the NFS client after successful NFS server failover then reduced from 10-15 minutes to about 20 seconds.

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