Enterprise Vault.cloud migration to Azure Cloud important information

Enterprise Vault.cloud migration to Azure Cloud important information

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Platform Migration



*** Important: You may need to make configuration changes to Enterprise Vault.cloud to avoid service interruption. Details follow below. ***

We appreciate your continued business. In April 2017, we notified you of Veritas' plans to adopt Microsoft Azure as the new infrastructure platform for Enterprise Vault.cloud. This is merely a change of hosting providers and will help us accelerate delivery of innovative features.

The project remains on track - and the migration of your instance to Azure will happen in mid-March. The migration timelines below are based on your data center location and will take place during planned maintenance windows:

  • Asia, Pacific and Japan: March 10, 2018
  • Europe, Middle East, Africa and Americas: (Date to be published March 19, 2018 )


Action Required

Please read this article for detailed instructions regarding the upcoming migration.

Critical alerts:

  • If you are currently restricting journaling to specific IP addresses, you need to add new IP addresses according to the instructions in this article.
  • If you whitelist IP addresses for Mail Continuity, Personal Archive restores, Personal Archive webmail, Folder Sync and/or CloudLink, please take the actions outlined in this article.

Please review the updated Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) document, as it includes answers to the most commonly asked data migration questions.


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