Updates, Patches and Late Breaking News for Enterprise Vault 9.0.5

Updates, Patches and Late Breaking News for Enterprise Vault 9.0.5

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Last Published: 2017-10-19
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Veritas updates this article as new customer-related information pertaining to 9.0.5 becomes available.  Veritas recommends that you frequently check this article for updates or subscribe to receive updates to this document.

Note: While all information (known issues, hotfixes) is listed it does not mean every issue applies to every environment.  Please read the details of the issue if you feel it applies to your specific situation for complete information and suggested actions.


Veritas recommends that you frequently check this article for updates

Software Alerts

Hotfixes for 9.0.5

Known Issues Existing in 9.0.5:
Veritas has acknowledged that the below-mentioned issues are present in the version of the product listed in the Products Applied section of each document. Please refer to the documents listed below for additional information.

Enterprise Vault Article
Event ID 7110 can occur during SIS Part validation after sparse file collections has extracted items from CAB files for re-collection. 000021462


Enterprise Vault for Microsoft Exchange Article
Cross Saveset-collection partition causing the archived content to be inaccessible.. 000024891
Enterprise Vault (EV) Vault Cache Synchronization fails for all users when the EV server is running with a Turkish language setting 000024493
Post processing may fail for Custom Recurring Calendar items with error 0x8004010f (MAPI_E_NOT_FOUND) 000024557
EVSVR DirectoryArchives Repair cannot move savesets from duplicate to existing/recreated ArchiveFolders with 10,000 items or more. 000021271
Additional file types added to the Enterprise Vault (EV) registry value 'ExcludedFileTypesFromConversion' are reset. 000020482
Mail Items with attachments that have an RMS policy applied to them do not display correctly when opened 000020459
An EVSVR DirectoryArchives Repair operation fails to recreate an ArchiveFolder is a DVS file is missing in the folder being repaired 000020133
An unsupported Microsoft Outlook version has been detected 000019692
Unable to maunally archive emails in Outlook Web Access 2010 (OWA) using Internet Explorer 10 in Compatibility Mode. 000019574
An EVSVR DirectoryArchives Repair operation can generate "Error deleting surplus Vault record" errors 000019257
Shortcuts cannot be replied to or forwarded in Outlook 2010/2013 when Enterprise Vault is unavailable. 000018704
Certain Archived Items have an Incorrect ArchivedDate and IDCheckSumHigh within the Saveset Table 000018741
An EVSVR DatabaseReferences operation may incorrectly reports Invalid Savesets if duplicates exist on a Centera device 000088105
Event Id 6578 occurs during shortcut processing for shortcuts that do not originate from the mailbox being processed. 000018319
Public folder restores and/or archiving intermittently stop working until EV services are restarted or the server is rebooted 000087353
In certain circumstances, the Enterprise Vault (EV) Backtrace function can generated more than expected logs, which may cause drivespace issues. 000088224
EV client creates MDC files for each additional enabled mailbox end users have access to even if the end user does not select the option to synchronize the additional mailboxes to cache 000087184
Outlook 2010 hangs when loading the Enterprise Vault (EV) Add-In 000081304
Items recently deleted prior to closing an Archive will not be removed from the Vault Store JournalDelete table. 000085764
IPM.Schedule.Meeting.* messages are archived multiple times by the Journal Task 000084559
The Move Archive process fails during Stage 1 (Copy phase) with "There is another item with the same transaction id in the destination archive". 000015787
Virtual Vault on Outlook 2010 may fail to allow Calendar items to be forwarded. 000014304
Migrated non-shortcut items generate event ID 3412 during Exchange Mailbox Archiving task runs. 000014091
Attachment creation date may not indexed properly if the attachment is an .MSG TECH169676
Archived messages that are moved to another mailbox do not get updated. 000012891
During Shortcut Processing to update Moved items, Event Ids 6578 and 2270 occur when 'Archive Exchange Managed Folders' is set to 'Off' 000012749
Event ID 2777 occurs when attempting to manually archive a folder. 000009476
When running Storage Expiry in Report Mode, shortcuts that have passed their retention period may be deleted the next time the archive task runs. 000012299
StorageOnlineOpns process fails to take lock of CAB files with error "CCabFileMutex::wait : handle: ffffffff on the Cab files" during operations as Move Archive or exporting through Compliance Accelerator or Discovery Accelerator. 000010681
Error opening shortcuts using EV8 client if user is disabled and had their mailbox "zapped" 000041146
When exporting an archive from the Vault Admin Console to PST file, items recently deleted from the archive will be exported to the PST. 000006761
When forwarding an archived item flagged in the To-Do bar generates the error "You cannot forward a combination of archived and non-archived items." TECH125328
Single Instance Storage (SIS) Reduction by File Type, Single Instance Storage Reduction per Vault Store Group, Single Instance Storage Reduction Summary Operation Reports display incorrect information than what is described in the documentation. 000005821
When there are more than a 100,000 items to return in the Vault Admin Console (VAC) under Personal Store Management the request takes a lot of time to return and does not display the results, instead displays nothing. 000005893
ArchiveTask.exe may spike CPU and not complete when using customized shortcuts set to keep more than 30,000 characters of original message body 000040753
Attachment links not accessible when opening archived calendar items in Outlook Web Access (OWA) 2007 000040750
When a Microsoft Cluster with Enterprise Vault fails over, the Partition Network Share may be created on the Active node and not within the Enterprise Vault Cluster Resource Group. 000039711
The archive task will not delete expired shortcuts if Storage Expiry is set to Never. 000039567


Enterprise Vault for File System Archiving Article
FSAUtility -pm incorrectly migrating PH that belong to other Volume / AP targets 000019888
An Enterprise Vault (EV) File Server may become unresponsive and require a server restart to resolve. 000019276
FSA Shortcut Deletion doesn't occur during Shortcut Deletion schedule period                    000085836


Enterprise Vault for Lotus Domino Article
NSF Import fails with 'Domino Server is unavailable' if the target user's mailbox has been deleted 000018586
Enterprise Vault for Domino: embedded attachments in Calendar and Mail item bodies cannot be opened; users are getting 'Note Item not found' 000017889
Enterprise Vault for Domino: "from DWA/iNotes clicking the 'Delete All' button in the junk folder does not delete items as expected" 000095051
Enterprise Vault for Domino: "from DWA/iNotes unable to properly forward or reply archived emails containing attachments with CJK characters" 000076601
Enterprise Vault for Domino, users are getting 'Notes error: Unknown OS error' and 'Module: EVLAUNCHDOCUMENT, Line: 76' retrieving archived emails from someone else Domino mailbox 000095011
Enterprise Vault for Domino, encrypted emails cannot be opened from DWA/iNotes 000076594
Enterprise Vault for Domino: "Unable to properly forward multiple items (archived or not) if EV template is in use" 000076546
Shortcut expiry is deleting shortcuts when storage expiry is in report mode.
When attempting to delete a shortcut within Domino Web Access the 'Ask User' behavior is utilized regardless of the ‘Shortcut Deletion’ setting in the Lotus Domino Desktop Policy TECH170053
"Invalid Universal ID" is received by the end user when attempting to retrieve an archived item. 000013696
Enterprise Vault Operations Report 'Archived Items Access' does not report user access to the archived Domino emails. 000007674
Lotus Notes emails are not archived by scheduled archiving when the Domino form name contains a backslash "\". 000038988


Enterprise Vault for Microsoft Sharepoint Article
The Enterprise Vault (EV) SharePoint task may return a Warning and not create shortcuts on certain files. 000019008
When using EVSPShortcutManager to recall shortcuts every library in the Web Application fails with 'InsufficientPermissions (-10010)' 000018390
Sharepoint Archiving fails when a Document Library metadata field does not have a Display Name value and the archiving policy is set to archive based on metadata values. 000086529


Enterprise Vault for Compliance Accelerator Article
Compliance Accelerator Reviewer Activity Detail Report fails with error: Query execution failed for dataset 'CustomerDataset' 000024496
Synchronization error appears in the General tab of Veritas Enterprise Vault (EV) Compliance Accelerator (CA) Employee Groups. 000085043
Degradation of Indexing performance. The inability to export or view certain items in Compliance Accelerator or Discovery Accelerator. 000036752


Enterprise Vault for Discovery Accelerator Article
Custodian Manager's AD Synchronization never completes in an environment with multiple or very large Active Directory domains. 000076593
Domino aliases under the Username field of the Person document are not synchronized with Custodian Manager profiles.




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