In NetBackup 7.5, if 'bpexpdate -recalculate' is invoked from the command line without the '-d' or '-ret' option, incorrect expiration dates for images may be recalculated, which may lead to early expiration of those images.

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June 15, 2012: Updated to reflect availability of a version containing issue resolution

# bpexpdate -recalculate [-backupid backup_id] [-copy number] [-d date | 0 | infinity] [-client name] [-policy name] [-ret retention_level] [-sched type] [-M master_server,...]

The -recalculate command line switch of bpexpdate can be used to recalculate the expiration date of backup images. Additional options can be used to specify how the new expiration date is calculated and which backup images are processed. The new expiration date is calculated as follows:

  • If the -d option is used to specify a new expiration date, it is used.
  • If -d is not specified but the -ret option is used, the new expiration date is the backup's creation date plus the specified retention level.
  • If neither -d nor -ret is specified, the retention level for each backup image is compared to the current retention level configured in its policy. If they differ, the expiration date of the backup should be updated to its creation date plus the policy retention level.

Due to a recently discovered defect, the implementation of the third case fails to behave as intended, resulting in an incorrect expiration date applied to affected images.  In some cases, this also results in early expiration of those images.


The formal resolution for this issue (Etrack 2780187) is included in the following release: 

  • NetBackup 7.5 Maintenance Release 3 (

Information on NetBackup is available in the Related Article linked below.

This issue can be avoided by assuring that any command line bpexpdate -recalculate commands include one of the following additional command line switches: -d, -ret.

Best Practices:
Veritas strongly recommends the following best practices:
1. Always perform a full DR backup prior to making any changes to your environment.
2. Always make sure that your environment is running the latest version and patch level.
3. Perform periodic "test" restores.

Applies To

The following versions of NetBackup are affected:

  • NetBackup 7.5
  • NetBackup

This only affects bpexpdate -recalculate run from the command line.  This issue will not be experienced when running a NetBackup GUI.

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