Restore of a mailbox with non-English display names fails with error: 0xe00002fc - Cannot restore one or more mailboxes.

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Restore of a mailbox with Non-English Display names fails with the following error 

Error Message

Final error: 0xe00002fc - Cannot restore one or more mailboxes. The database that the mailboxes reside in is dismounted or is not accessible. Ensure that the server is available and that the database is mounted, and then run the job again


This issue is resolved in Backup Exec 2014 or later versions. 

To resolve this issue and receive the new Backup Exec improvements please upgrade to the current version of Backup Exec.


Note: Veritas continues to focus on the current release and future releases, there are no plans to address this issue by way of a patch or hotfix in earlier versions of the software at the present time. Please contact your Veritas Sales representative or the Veritas Partner for upgrade information including upgrade eligibility to the release containing the resolution for this issue. For information on how to contact Veritas Sales, please see 



  1. Run a redirect restore to a test mailbox with English Display name.
  2. Run a restore of the database to Recovery Store.


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