Shadow Copy Components backup finishes Status 1

Shadow Copy Components backup finishes Status 1

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The Shadow Copy Components backup finishes with Status 1.

Error Message

The bpbkar log at General 2 logging level may produce these obvious error pairs for every writer it attempts to interrogate:

3:18:32.914 PM: [3984.5540] <2> ov_log::V_GlobalLog: ERR - BEDS_AttachToDLE():FS_AttachToDLE() DeviceName:'Shadow?Copy?Components' BackupReason:0x400 Failed! (0xE000FEC9:A failure occurred accessing the Writer metadata.
3:18:32.929 PM: [3984.5540] <2> tar_base::V_vTarMsgW: ERR - Unable to backup System State or Shadow Copy. Please check the state of VSS and associated Writers.3:18:32.929 PM: [3984.5540] <4> dos_backup::V_InitializeShadowCopy: INF - ShadowCopy PrePost: End
However, further up in the bpbkar log, this message is observed:
3:18:32.898 PM: [3984.5540] <2> ov_log::V_GlobalLog: INF - Error reading VSS provider GUID from registry: !


This error occurs when NetBackup attempts to read a portion of the registry where information about different VSS Providers is stored.

If any of the content nested in this directory structure becomes corrupt, it can cause the above error:


In order to resolve this problem, the best thing to do is to uninstall the NetBackup Client footprint, and reinstall it.   A repair install will not fix it.

In the event that NetBackup can not be uninstalled, these steps can be followed to rebuild the corrupt registry entries:

1. Go to a NetBackup Client of the same OS, NetBackup Version and NetBackup Patch Level
2. Open the registry and navigate into: 
3. Rt-click VSSProviders and select Export - into .reg format
4. Move the newly exported .reg file to the problem machine
5. DBL-Click the .reg file to "install" it onto the problem machine
The next backup should work correctly.

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