How to restore DLO data on another server

How to restore DLO data on another server

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How to restore Desktop Laptop Option (DLO )user data if the DLO server is not available.


In the event the DLO server is not available and you need to restore data for a DLO user .


In order to restore DLO user data on another server .

1- Install Backup Exec and DLO option on the new server.

2- Restore the user profile information from Network Data User folder.

   A-  Locate the tape that contains the backup of the NUDF. 

   B- From a previous tape backup restore user data.


3- From a command prompt change directory to c:\program files\Symantec\backup exec \dlo

4-  Run the emergency restore command 

     dlocommandu -emergencyrestore "usersharepath" -w   "recoverypassword" -ap "destination-path"

 Note: Ensure that the usersharepath the recovery password and the destination path begin and end with quotes "  ".

 The destination path must be UNC and it needs to be restore to a shared folder.

Example: (In the following example, the DLOCommandu.exe is run from the DLO folder on the media server and the backed up files are located on that servers R: drive.  The Emergency Restore password is "password", the server where the DLO files are going to be restored to is called "myserver" and the restore path "testrestore" was created on the R: drive prior to running the EmergencyRestore command.


DLOCommandu -EmergencyRestore "R:\DLOStorage\MyDomain-Administrator\.dlo" -w password -ap "\\myserver\r$\testrestore"

\\myserver\r$\testrestore\myclient\C_\TestDrive\Failed To Load.JPG was restored
\\myserver\r$\testrestore\myclient\C_\TestDrive\st23test24test25test2sss.txt was restored
\\myserver\r$\testrestore\myclient\C_\TestDrive\Test.txt.txt was restored
\\myserver\r$\testrestore\myclient\C_\TestDrive\This is a test.doc was restored
\\myserver\r$\testrestore\myclient\C_\TestDrive\This is test four.doc was restored
\\myserver\r$\testrestore\myclient\C_\TestDrive\This is Test Three.doc was restored
\\myserver\r$\testrestore\myclient\C_\TestDrive\This is Test two.doc was restored




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