NetBackup VSS snapshot error encountered (156)

NetBackup VSS snapshot error encountered (156)

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Last Published: 2013-05-03
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NetBackup VSS snapshot error encountered (156)

Error Message

Status Code: 156


end Persistent Frozen Image, Delete Snapshot On Exit; elapsed time: 00:01:09 snapshot error encountered(156).
Exact Error Message
snapshot error encountered (156)
If a backup of a Windows NetBackup (tm) client fails with status code 156, this indicates that the client is using Windows Open File Backups to protect open or active files. The volume "snapshot" that occurs to facilitate open file backup has failed. This failure is often caused by the VSS cache file running out of allocated space.
Master Log Files:
10/1/2009 4:30:20 PM - Critical bpbrm(pid=1548) from client myclilent: FTL - snapshot creation failed, status 156 
10/1/2009 4:30:24 PM - end Create Snapshot; elapsed time: 00:08:48
10/1/2009 4:30:30 PM - end writing Status 156
10/1/2009 4:31:39 PM - end Persistant Frozen Image, End Notify Script; elapsed time: 00:00:00 Status 156
10/1/2009 4:31:39 PM - end Persistent Frozen Image, Delete Snapshot On Exit; elapsed time: 00:01:09
snapshot error encountered(156)
Client Log Files (bpfis):
04:42:19.542 [840.5892] <2> onlfi_vfms_logf: snapshot services: vss:Fri Oct  2 2009 04:42:19.542000 <Thread id - 5892> VSS API ERROR:- API [DoSnapshotSetWorkItem:QueryStatus]  status = 80042320 [DEFAULT]
04:42:19.542 [840.1692] <2> onlfi_vfms_logf: snapshot services: vss: "IVssBackupComponents::DoSnapshotSet" failed with error "VSS_E_NO_SNAPSHOTS_IMPORTED:(error value=0x
80042320)" while trying to commit snapshot set {7153CEB8-BE0B-43C1-8209-9F2F7FA32C3F}
04:42:19.542 [840.1692] <2> onlfi_vfms_logf: vfm_freeze_commit: vfm_method_errno=[6]
04:42:21.542 [840.1692] <32> onlfi_fim_split: VfMS error 11; see following messages:
04:42:21.542 [840.1692] <32> onlfi_fim_split: Fatal method error was reported
04:42:21.542 [840.1692] <32> onlfi_fim_split: vfm_freeze_commit: method: VSS, type: FIM, function: VSS_make
04:42:21.542 [840.1692] <32> onlfi_fim_split: VfMS method error 6; see following message:
04:42:21.542 [840.1692] <32> onlfi_fim_split: snapshot services: snapshot creation failed: provider-private error
For Volume Shadow Copy (VSS) (Windows 2003 and later only) use the following steps to increase the cache size when VSS is used on Windows clients:
1. In Windows, double-click My Computer and select The drive being backed up (i.e. D:/)
2. Right mouse click on the drive and click Properties, select Shadow Copies.
3. Select the volume on which to make changes, and then click the Settings button
4. In the Settings dialog box, change the Maximum Size setting to either No Limit or a size large enough to suit the requirements of the installation and usage of VSS
Refer to VSS configuration procedure described in

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