On NetBackup 7.6.1 and, after suspending and resuming a job, future scheduled backups for that policy and client do not run.

On NetBackup 7.6.1 and, after suspending and resuming a job, future scheduled backups for that policy and client do not run.

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Document History:
May 15, 2015: Initial publication
June 1, 2015: Updated to reflect availability of releases which include resolution for this issue
March 1, 2016: Removed public access to hotfixes - please upgrade to mitigate this issue

When a backup job is suspended and resumed, any future jobs for that particular client which would normally run under that particular policy are not scheduled and do not run.

Skipped backups may result in data loss if it is not discovered in time that expected backups did not take place.
The following products are affected by this issue, on all supported operating systems:
  • NetBackup 7.6.1 and master servers
    • including NetBackup Appliances 2.6.1 and acting as master servers

Error Message

No error message is displayed when this issue occurs.


The issue is caused by a defect in the NetBackup 7.6.1 scheduler (nbpem) After a backup job is suspended, then resumed and runs to either completion or failure, it will not be rescheduled to run at a future date.

This affects only the future backups of the policy and client for which the job was suspended and resumed.  If the policy performs a backup of 10 clients, for example, and the job for only one client is suspended and resumed, then future backups for the other nine clients will continue to occur as scheduled.


The formal resolution for this issue (Etrack 3761175) is included in the following releases:
  • NetBackup 7.6.1 Maintenance Release 2 (
  • NetBackup Appliances
These releases are now available - download and README information can be found in the Related Articles.

If jobs have been suspended and resumed, wait for them to complete, and then perform a shutdown and restart of the NetBackup daemon services on the master server.  This will restart the scheduler and scheduled backups will resume, including for the policy/client pairs that had previously suspended jobs.

Hotfixes are attached to this document for NetBackup and NetBackup Appliances  Click on the Attachments link to access them.

Note: These hotfixes are no longer publicly available, as all of their fixes are included in NetBackup  If this issue is experienced, the supported resolution is to apply the latest maintenance release.

Hotfix information:


Veritas Bug ID: ET 3761174

Version:  NetBackup_7.6.1.1

Installation Location:  master server

Installation Instructions: 
Please follow the EEB Installer instructions available on https://www.veritas.com/docs/000035801

Package Contents:
Please choose the appropriate platform after download:
eebinstaller.3761174.1.AMD64.exe             Windows x64 Installation
eebinstaller.3761174.1.hpia64                HP-UX Itanium Installation
eebinstaller.3761174.1.linuxR_x86            RedHat x64 Installation
eebinstaller.3761174.1.linuxS_x86            Suse x64 Installation
eebinstaller.3761174.1.rs6000                AIX Installation
eebinstaller.3761174.1.solaris               Solaris SPARC Installation
eebinstaller.3761174.1.solaris_x86           Solaris x64 Installation

1144991292 13631608 linuxR_x86/nbpem
131194056 56969520 rs6000/nbpem
420698139 13689700 linuxS_x86/nbpem
1588292885 23690640 solaris/nbpem
4215403378 6848512 AMD64/nbpem.exe
556156785 113133264 hpia64/nbpem
2955790470 29850144 solaris_x86/nbpem

Recommended service state:  Shut down services on the master server before applying.

NetBackup 52x0/5330 Appliances
Please download the RPM attached below and access the Related Article for instructions on applying the hotfix on an Appliance.

Best Practices:
Veritas strongly recommends the following best practices:
1. Always perform a full DR backup prior to making any changes to your environment.
2. Always make sure that your environment is running the latest version and patch level.
3. Perform periodic "test" restores.


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Etrack : 3761175

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