Event ID: 3460 when starting Archive Task for Exchange 2013 target

Event ID: 3460 when starting Archive Task for Exchange 2013 target

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Last Published: 2019-04-08
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When attempting to start an Archive Task for an Exchange 2013 server, the task fails with Event ID: 3460 as seen below:

Error Message

{CMAPISession::CloseMapiSession} (Exit)
{CMAPISession::ClearProfileCache} (Exit)
{CMAPISession::GetMapiSessionFromPoolEx} (Exit) Status: [The parameter is incorrect. (0x80070057)]
{CAgentTask::Initialise:#1323} Failed to open privileged MAPI session: [0x80070057]. Aborting agent startup.
{IsCurrentUserADomainAdmin:#4652} User is domain admin: [False]
{CExchangeVersion::IsExchange2013orAbove:#202} Exchange 2013 or greater: [True]

Event ID: 3460 The Task 'Exchange Mailbox Archiving Task for ExchangeServerName' failed to log on to Exchange server ' ExchangeServerName' using mailbox 'SMTP:EVmbx2@domain.com'. Check that the mailbox has not been hidden, that the server is running and that the vault service account has sufficient permissions on the server. |Enterprise Vault used the following settings for the Outlook Anywhere connection to Exchange 2013: | Proxy server: '' | Requires SSL: 'True' | Certificate principal: '' |If these settings are correct, check that the servers are responding. |Note that Enterprise Vault auto-discovers the proxy server and certificate principal unless you have configured them explicitly in the target domain's properties in the Administration Console, in which case you should check the settings you have made. |



  • When the Exchange 2013 task starts, it attempts to use the Autodiscover information populated by Exchange 2013. In the event Autodiscovery fails or is unavailable, then the task fails to configure the MAPI profile, therefore failing to connect to the Exchange 2013 EV system mailbox.
  • This could also occur when the Vault Service Account does not have Full Mailbox Access permissions to the System Mailbox.  


By populating the Exchange 2013 connection points in the EV Vault Console, if Autodiscover was to fail, then EV attempts to use the connection point information.

The best way to find this information is to check the Outlook connection information for the Exchange Server Proxy. This can be found by opening Outlook on a working machine. Go into Account Settings. Highlight the Exchange account and click change. Select More Settings. Click the Connections tab and select the button for Exchange Proxy Settings


Copy to notepad the proxy server URL address i.e.       ex2013.evlab.com

  1. If using Exchange Proxy Server connections over SSL then copy to notepad the certificate principle name i.e.         msstd:ex2013.evlab.com
  2. Click Cancel 4 times to return to Outlook.
  3. Input the collected information into the EV Vault Admin Console. Expand Directory | Site | Targets | Exchange.
  4. Right click and select properties of the domain name. Tick the option for Use specific Exchange connection points.


  1. Input the Proxy server i.e. ex2013.evlab.com and if using SSL, then tick the SSL option and input the certificate principle name i.e. msstd:ex2013.evlab.com. Select Apply then OK and restart the Exchange 2013 task.

When the above settings have been confirmed and the Tasks continue to fail, open the article below and apply the PowerShell script in Example 1: Add-MailboxPermission

Grant the Vault Service Account full mailbox access to the System Mailbox used by the Tasks. 

Applies To

Exchange 2013/2016 with supported versions of EV.

If this does not resolve the issue please refer to the article for additional troubleshooting: Archiving Task fails with Events 3460 & 2256 when starting a task that targets Exchange 2013 or 2016 due to RPC issues


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