How to catalog password protected media with BEMCLI.

How to catalog password protected media with BEMCLI.

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Last Published: 2018-03-28
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Cataloging password protected media with BEMCLI.


Using the Backup Exec 2012 BEMCLI command line interface you can submit a catalog job for media that is password protected using Submit-BECatalogMediaJob -MediaPassword command.

1) Launch BEMCLI from Programs menu. Start - All Programs - Veritas Backup Exec - Backup Exec Management Command Line Interface.

2) The -mediapassword option requires a secure string for the password

Create the secure sting as follows:

BEMCLI> $pass = Read-Host -AsSecureString
<enter password on the blank line>

3) Use the $pass variable in the catalog job

BEMCLI> Get-BEMedia B2D000031 | Submit-BECatalogMediaJob -MediaPassword $pass


Note: To catalog Backup to Disk media (B2D) the showhiddenmedia option needs to be enabled on the server to view the media in the Backup to disk storage folder from the Backup Exec interface. (000016049)



Applies To

Backup Exec 2012


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