Backup Exec 2012 EOL (End of Life) Items

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The following is a list of items/features which were supported Backup Exec 2010 and earlier versions, but will no longer be supported in Backup Exec 2012.




  • RAWS or Agent for Windows Systems (Remote Agent) on Windows 2000 (Windows XP still supported with latest Service Pack)
  • Netware Agent (Including NW-OFO, NW-IDR)
  • Storage Foundation for Windows and VERITAS Cluster Server Support
  • Intelligent Disaster Recovery (IDR) Option
  • Solaris RALUS support
  • DB2 Agent \ SAP Agent
  • SQL File Groups
  • BEMCMD (Being replaced with BEMCLI)
  • One Button Disaster Recovery (OBDR)
  • Windows XP Media Server and Remote Admin Console Support
  • Daily and Working Set Jobs (File Grooming stays)
  • Veritas Online Storage for Backup Exec (SOSBE) and Veritas Protection Network (SPN) Software as a Service for Backup Exec
  • Continuous Protection Server (CPS) \ DLO (Will become stand alone product)
  • Internet Explorer 6 \ Enterprise Vault 7.x \ MAC OSX 10.4 \ Replication Exec (No longer being tested)
  • Advance Open File Option (Still used by RAWS or Agent for Windows Systems on Windows XP)



  • Windows XP Media Servers
  • Windows XP Remote Admin Consoles
  • Windows 2003 SP1 and below (Media Server)
  • Windows 2003 SP1 and below (RAC)
  • Windows 2000 (All SP’s) (RAWS)
    • New Minimum is Windows XP SP2
    • VC Runtimes no longer support lower than Windows XP SP2
    • File system restores only using older agent



  • Advanced Open File Option
    • No longer necessary since Media Server Installs on XP no longer supported. Remote Admin Console support also removed for XP.
  • Intelligent Disaster Recovery Option
    • Being replaced with Simplified Disaster Recovery (SDR).
  • Desktop and Laptop Option
    • Will become a stand alone product.
  • Veritas Online Storage for Backup Exec (SOSBE) and Veritas Protection Network (SPN) Software as a Service for Backup Exec 
    • No longer recognize the plug-in or communicate with it.



  • NetWare Agent
    • Will not support Backup or Restores.
  • Solaris Agent
    • Only Linux platforms left. All Unix agents now EOL.
    • Will not support Backups or Restores.
  • SAP Agent
    • Customers can use RAWS or Agent for Windows Server with SQL agent to protect.
    • No support for non-Windows Platforms.
    • Will not support Backups or Restores.
  • DB2 Agent
    • Will not support Backups or Restores.



  • VERITAS Cluster Server
    • Will not support clustered upgrades. Must un-cluster.
    • Will install on clusters, but cluster wizard will block.
    • Will not support clustered backups.
    • Agent has no knowledge of VCS cluster anymore.
  • Storage Foundation for Windows
    • Software based offhost no longer supported, only hardware based offhost.



  • Daily and Working Set (Job Types)
    • Migrated to Journal Type.
  • SQL File Group Support
  • One Button Disaster Recovery
  • OLD User Interface no longer installed.
  • Notifications being replaced
    • MAPI/VIM Notifications.
    • Net Send Notifications.
    • Pager/Printer Notifications.
  • Scheduler
    • Replaced with new Scheduler.
  • Report Consolidation



  • Continuous Protections Server
    • No longer supported or tested. CPS Jobs to protect CPS resources will be migrated.
  • DLO becomes its own product
    • Their team will handle data migration.
    • Will be replaced with BEMCLI.
    • BEMCLI not installed with SBE.


 Note: The following/above options and agents have reached end-of-life in Backup Exec 2012 and are no longer available in the application for backup or restore.  If a restore is needed for an agent or option on the end-of-life list a version of Backup Exec that supports that agent or option must be used.


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