NetBackup Appliance Compatibility Notes

NetBackup Appliance Compatibility Notes

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Last Published: 2020-05-05
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NetBackup Appliance Compatibility Notes 



Appliance Platform

The NetBackup appliances are Veritas-defined platforms of hardware, firmware and software.  This includes driver revisions, OS levels and patches of all devices or software components.  There are no modifications allowed without the express instructions of Veritas Technical Support.  Modifications to the appliance in any fashion without express instructions from Veritas Technical Support will void warranty and result in an unsupported configuration.

Further information about our support policies can be found here:

Appliance Support Policy


Additionally, the only supported patches that may be applied to the NetBackup Appliances are the appliance-specific patches at the following link:

Applying PureDisk or NetBackup patches that are not specifically released for the appliance will result in a compromised and unsupported configuration.


NetBackup Appliance, version 2.7.x, or later, is based on Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL). Earlier versions of NetBackup, or PureDisk Appliances, are SUSE Linux-based. Unless otherwise noted, the appliance has the same compatibility with other agents, or products, as the underlying PureDisk or NetBackup products.

For example, a NetBackup 5200 v2.0.2 Master/Media Server appliance (based on has the same compatibility with another NetBackup, PureDisk or Backup Exec host as a non-appliance Master/Media Server unless otherwise noted.

Master/Media Server Compatibility

See the Release Notes of the applicable appliance software version for Master/Media compatbility information. Search for the NetBackup Appliance Release Notes in the Veritas Appliance Documentation Sets

Hardware Compatibility

See the "Veritas NetBackup Appliances" section in the NetBackup Hardware Compatibility Lists for additional compatibility information, such as supported Tape Drives for the 52xx series and 53xx series, and supported agents for the 50xx series.
The following article gives all possible Compatibility Details. 
See the "Related Article" linked below for supported use of a specific alternate GBIC and copper cabling on 10Gb Ethernet ports.

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