Exchange transactions log grows unusually large after upgrading from Enterprise Vault 2007 to Enterprise Vault 8.0

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The Exchange transactions log grows unusually large after upgrading from Enterprise Vault 2007 to Enterprise Vault 8.0.


Before version 8.0, Enterprise Vault (EV) only recorded information on an item's mailbox location at the time the item was archived. EV did not keep track of the shortcut location if it was moved in the mailbox after archiving.

EV 8.0 introduced the “Moved Items” feature. This option is enabled by default in the Exchange Mailbox Policy but may be disabled if desired. With Moved Items enabled, EV now examines all shortcuts in the mailbox and determines if their location still corresponds correctly to the location of the item in the archive. If the shortcut has been moved, EV modifies the EV SQL databases and adds or modifies MAPI properties of the shortcut and possibly the folder in the mailbox.

The modification and addition of MAPI properties will create transaction entries for Exchange. Since this feature operates on archived items retroactively, it will process all shortcuts (in mailboxes to which the policy is assigned) that have been moved prior to the upgrade, which can amount to a very large number if EV has been in place for a while. This can have quite an impact on the Exchange transaction logs.

In order to mitigate this effect, it may be desirable to turn off the Moved Items feature for the main Mailbox Policy. You can phase this feature in for small groups of users at a time. Copy the main policy and turn on Moved Items in the copy. Then create a Provisioning Group using the Moved Items policy and move a smaller number of mailboxes into that Provisioning Group. Allow an archiving run (or more) to occur, then move more mailboxes, etc. until all mailboxes have been moved to the new Provisioning Group and have had their shortcuts processed.

Note: If upgrading from EV 2007 to 8.0 en route to further upgrades to 9.0 or higher, it is recommended that Moved Items be disabled upon reaching 8.0 and left disabled until you have arrived at the desired destination version, at which point it can be enabled if desired. This helps keep MSMQ activity to a minimum during the upgrade process.

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