How to import Backup Exec media to NetBackup

How to import Backup Exec media to NetBackup

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Last Published: 2015-07-07
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How to import Backup Exec media into NetBackup.

Error Message

15:32:01 Mount of Backup Exec media with media id XXXXXX having Media Manager volume database GUID {00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000} was requested, but GUID {3384fee4-6487-464f-b58b-d3b711a479fb} was found on tape. Must update GUID of XXXXX in Media Manager volume database and retry.


Steps to Import Backup Exec media:

Physical inventory:

The physical inventory mounts and reads the Backup Exec tape and assigns the media to the BackupExec pool. If the BackupExec pool does not exist, it is automatically created. It also updates the GUID of the tape.

The physical inventory is run by vmphyinv command. 

vmphyinv -rn <robot number> -rh <robot host server name> -slot_list <slot_number> -d density

**If there is more than 1 tape, you will have to perform this action for all of them.

The remaining steps are very similar to the import of a regular NetBackup tape.

One important difference is the order that the tapes are imported in during the Phase 1 import.  With Backup Exec media that spans multiple tapes, the first tape in the backup set MUST be imported first, and then the remaining tapes can be imported in any order.

This is different from NetBackup media in that during Phase 1, the media can be imported in any order.

Please refer to following article for import process.
Step-by-step procedure on how to import NetBackup backup images via the NetBackup Administration Console GUI.


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