Backup of a FIFO (named pipe) file only backs up the metafile, not its contents.

Backup of a FIFO (named pipe) file only backs up the metafile, not its contents.

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Document History:
November 10, 2015: Initial publication
March 1, 2016: Removed public access to hotfix - please upgrade to mitigate this issue

In NetBackup 7.6, a change was made that altered the way named pipes (also known as FIFO files) were handled by bpbkar on UNIX/Linux systems.  This change (Etrack 2864890) is documented more thoroughly in the linked  Related Article.

If a NetBackup environment is upgraded to a post-7.6 version from a pre-7.6 version where backups are taken with the expectation of named pipe contents being protected, administrator action is required to maintain this expected backup behavior.

To revert NetBackup's behavior to the pre-7.6 method after upgrade, the setting BACKUP_FIFO_FILES = 1 must be added to the client's  bp.conf file.  However, this setting was not honored in versions prior to NetBackup (Etrack 3713104).

When the BACKUP_FIFO_FILES setting is not enabled and honored, then only the named pipe itself is backed up; its data is not.

Action Required

To back up the contents of a named pipe when running NetBackup 7.6 and later versions, NetBackup must first be upgraded to one of the following versions with the BACKUP_FIFO_FILES setting enabled by adding BACKUP_FIFO_FILES = 1 to the bp.conf file:
  • NetBackup
  • NetBackup 7.7 or above
Hotfix information:

Note: This hotfix is no longer publicly available, as all of its fixes are included in NetBackup  If this issue is experienced, the supported resolution is to upgrade to the latest available release.

Veritas Bug ID: ET 3713103

Version:  NetBackup_7.6.0.4

Installation Location:  client

Installation Instructions: 
Please follow the EEB Installer instructions available on

Package Contents:
Please choose the appropriate platform after download:
eebinstaller.3713103.2.freebsd6.0            FreeBSD Installation
eebinstaller.3713103.2.hp11.11               HP-11.11 Installation
eebinstaller.3713103.2.hpia11.31             HP-IA64 Installation
eebinstaller.3713103.2.linuxR_x86_2.6.18     x64 RedHat Enterprise Linux Installation
eebinstaller.3713103.2.linuxS_x86_2.6.16     x64 SUSE Linux Enterprise Installation
eebinstaller.3713103.2.macosx10_6            Mac OS Installation
eebinstaller.3713103.2.plinuxR_2.6           Power RedHat Enterprise Linux Installation
eebinstaller.3713103.2.plinuxS_2.6           Power SUSE Linux Enterprise Installation
eebinstaller.3713103.2.rs6000_61             AIX Installation
eebinstaller.3713103.2.solaris10             Solaris 10 SPARC Installation
eebinstaller.3713103.2.solaris_x86_10_64     Solaris 10 x86/x64 Installation
eebinstaller.3713103.2.zlinuxR_x86_2.6.18    RedHat Enterprise zLinux Installation
eebinstaller.3713103.2.zlinuxS_x86_2.6.16    SUSE zLinux Installation

4144529859 998390 rs6000_61/bpbkar
281966199 614921 linuxS_x86_2.6.16/bpbkar
646746710 365400 macosx10_6/bpbkar
3410202393 407916 zlinuxR_2.6.18/bpbkar
1325022457 949768 solaris10/bpbkar
1200749781 425753 plinuxS_2.6/bpbkar
125986504 863848 hp11.11/bpbkar
1075007442 527064 solaris_x86_10_64/bpbkar
2662184784 293641 freebsd6.0/bpbkar
2032165884 1799832 hpia11.31/bpbkar
2889995998 411726 zlinuxS_2.6.16/bpbkar
3762345391 609237 linuxR_x86_2.6.18/bpbkar
3738955348 406025 plinuxR_2.6/bpbkar

Recommended service state: Make sure no backups are taking place on the client before installing this EEB.

  Best Practices:
Veritas strongly recommends the following best practices:
1. Always perform a full DR backup prior to making any changes to your environment.
2. Always make sure that your environment is running the latest version and patch level.
3. Perform periodic "test" restores.
4. Subscribe to technical articles.

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