How to migrate FolderSync to a new server

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To migrate a FolderSync server to a new server it necessary to point the new FolderSync server to the existing ArchiveAccelerator database.  Do not create a new database as this will result in duplicates.  Please follow the below steps to properly migrate: 

1) Logon to the old FolderSync server and record the details on the Message Service Settings tab of the Item Synch task:

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2) Turn off the ArchiveTools Folder Sync service on the old FS server
3) Install FolderSync on the new server 
4) Run the Archive Accelerator Configuration Wizard on the new FS server 
5) Put in the SQL instance that has the ArchiveAccelerator database and select NEXT 

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6) Select YES to use the existing database and it will apply the necessary updates for 1.11 

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7) Proceed with through the rest of the wizard and after it's complete the ArchiveTools Folder Sync service will start automatically 
8) Verify that you can connect to the host and run a sync successfully 

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