How to turn on Java Console Logging for NetBackup 8.0

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Configuration of NetBackup Java Console logging is largely unchanged since the release of NetBackup 7.7.

On all Windows Master Server and Media Server NetBackup installation footprints, the Java Console log folder and log are generated out-of-the-box at default Verbose 3.
No configuration modifications need to occur to produce the log.

The log is produced here: <install path>\NetBackup\logs\user_ops\nbjlogs\jbp.xxxxxx.log
Increasing the log Verbosity to 5, can be done via the console itself by going to:
  • View > Options > Logging
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  • Once the Verbosity has been changed, a restart of the Console is necessary to begin producing a log at the adjusted Verbosity.



For instances of the " NetBackup Remote Administration Console Installation (x64)" several steps are necessary before a console log is produced.
  • Manually create the following directory structure in its entirety: C:\Program Files\Veritas\NetBackup\logs\user_ops\nbjlogs
  • Open the following file in a Text Editor: <install path>\Veritas\Java\setconf.bat
  • Locate the following line (usually 12 lines down from the top) and remove the REM to activate it:
    • From: REM       SET NB_INSTALL_PATH=C:\\Program Files\\Veritas\\NetBackup
    • To: SET NB_INSTALL_PATH=C:\\Program Files\\Veritas\\NetBackup
  • Save the adjustment to setconf.bat
  • The next launch of the Java Console will produce a log within C:\Program Files\Veritas\NetBackup\logs\user_ops\nbjlogs  at the default Verbosity of 3

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