Updates, Patches and Late Breaking News for NetBackup 8.0

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This article contains information about the latest Alerts, releases notifications, patches as well as known issues for NetBackup 8.0.  We recommend that you frequently check this article for updates. Click Subscribe to this Article in right-hand pane to receive email notifications about updates.

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Veritas Technologies LLC issues technical alerts for issues involving potential data loss, security vulnerabilities or other critical issues often requiring immediate action. Below you will find links to the latest Alerts for NetBackup:
Article TitleArticle NumberType
 Backing up data which resides on a CIFS mounted NetApp filer may result in data loss under certain circumstances.td>000127281Data Loss
Oracle restore against MSDP image backed up via OIP fails due to a permission issue.000127111Data Loss
Moving files between folders on the same drive during an archive of that drive may result in a backup not containing all archived files.000127270Data Loss
Restores fail on backups of a Hyper-V guest where that guest has a disk type that is a "fixed size" VHD.000127368Data Loss
Performing a differential backup on a Windows ReFS (Resilient File System) can result in data loss.000127110Data Loss
 VTS17-004 – A Hotfix is now available for NetBackup and NetBackup Appliances000126389Security
Although a SQL instance is skipped, the backup completes successfully with status code 0 reported.000125842Data Loss
 Impact of CVE-2017-5638 on OpsCenter Server000125967Security

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Major and Minor Releases

NetBackup 8.0 is now available.  Release Date: December 5, 2016.

New Product Releases / Service Packs (Downloads) are available via the MyVeritas web site.


  1. Login into MyVeritas.
  2. Select the Licensing tab to access the Licensing Portal.
  3. Select the Entitlement tab to get the Entitlement view.
  4. Using the Entitlement search function, locate the Entitlement you wish to deploy.
  5. Click on the Entitlement ID link to access the software.
  6. Select either the Current Version or the Previous Version tab to get to the view that has the version of the software you wish to deploy.
  7. Click the Download button for the version wish to deploy and follow the steps to download the software.

Note: For more information on the topic, see How to obtain the license key and installation download for Veritas products.

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Release Updates

There are no release updates for NetBackup 8.0 at this time.

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Known Issues

Please review the Release notes for NetBackup 8.0 for a listing of known issues:
See: NetBackup  8.0 Release Notes

The following entries have been reported as defects by our Support team:

Article TitleArticle NumberStatus
VMware Linux client backups with ext3/4 filesystems consume excessive amount of memory on NetBackup appliance backup host000125566Working
After upgrading to NetBackup 8.0, the Java Console displays "Status Code: 130 System Error Occurred"000125019Will not change

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The following link contains a complete listing of the NetBackup documentation catalog:
See: NetBackup Product Documentation

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