TECH ALERT - Hyper V Restore of a Virtual Machine with > 2 TB VHDX (used space) Disk would complete successfully but this disk may not be accessible from inside the restored VM

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Data Loss


Hyper V Restore of a Virtual Machine with > 2 TB VHDX (used space) Disk would complete successfully but this disk may not be accessible inside the restored VM. This issue is seen under following conditions:
  • Backed up Virtual Machine has a VHDX which is > 2 TB (used space > 2 TB. Check used space from inside the Virtual Machine).
  • When GRT is selected/Not-selected in the Backup Job of such Hyper V Virtual Machine.
  • Restore from ​Backup to Disk, Tape, Deduplication Device or any other storage device.
  • This > 2TB VHDX shows up as a RAW Volume if mounted from the backup storage device (Disk Storage -> IMG0000x)

GRT Backup to disk is seen to complete with exception:
Virtual machine volume ‘DriveLetter’ is in a format that is not support by this version of the windows operating system and therefore is not supported
By Granular Recovery Technology(GRT). Granular restores cannot be performed from this volume.


Which BE Versions are affected?

Hyper-V servers running Windows 2012 and higher operating system. (**)
Backup Exec 2012 Service Pack 2 and higher
Backup Exec 2014 (all Service Packs)
Backup Exec 15 (all Feature Packs)

What actions must be taken if this issue occurs?

Replace VM-level Backup of the affected VM with Remote Agent Backup

1. Put the Hyper V Backup Job which is backing up this Virtual Machine on hold or exclude this VM from the production Backup.
2. Create a new Remote Agent-Based Backup of that Virtual Machine from Backup and Restore Tab of Backup exec.
3. Highlight the Virtual Machine, Right Click -> Backup -> Choose the destination device and create an Agent based backup for that VM.
4. Select the resources (C, D etc.) and set appropriate retention and schedule to take new backups.

NO ACTION REQUIRED If the VM is configured with a VHDX of size 2 TB or more and has less than 2 TB of actual data stored on that drive. In this case then Backup or Restore of such VMs is not impacted.

Action Required

Hotfixes are now available for this issue in the versions of the product mentioned in this article. Refer to the Hotfix link under Related Documents to obtain the hotfix needed to resolve the issue.
  • Backup Exec 15 Revision 1180 Hotfix 000116031 (000116031).
  • Backup Exec 2014 Revision 1786 Hotfix 116467 (000116467).

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