Appliance Call Home connection to failed.

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Appliance Call Home connection to failed due to the expired SHA1 certificate.

Error Message

Call Home Test
Call Home test failed.
Error Call Home status: Not able to upload Call Home data
Error: Can't connect to (certificate verify failed).
LWP: Protocol: https: Socket: SSL connect attempts failed with unknown
Error: 14090086: SSL routines: SSL3_GET_SERVER_CERTIFICATE: certificate verify failed at /opt/VRTSperl/lib/site_perl/5.14.2/LWP/Protocol/ line 51.
Please contact Symantec Support to resolve this issue.


The SHA-1 certificate for the legacy Call Home endpoint expired on August 8th, 2016. The certificate was not renewed due to the general end of life support for SHA-1 certificates and the Veritas rebranding.  


A hotfix was created to address this issue. The hotfix includes the following changes:
- Updates the client-side OpenSSL libraries to support the SHA-256 certificates.
- Updates the Call Home endpoints to * fully qualified domain names.
General Notes:
- This issue does not have an effect on the NetBackup Appliances with release 2.7.1 and newer. They already use the new endpoints and the SHA-256 certificate.
- The hotfix package also contains a critical update for the 5230 and 5330 appliance platforms with a RAID driver and hard drive disk firmware. (Find more details in the related documents section.)
- The hotfix applies to all 5200/5220/5230 and 5330 platforms. For the 5220 platform, the RAID driver update is ignored. - Confirm your firewall (proxy) rules to the new * URL’s: - There are no hotfix updates for NetBackup Appliances running 2.5.4 or older
  • Upgrade to a newer version to continue support for proactive monitoring.
- There are no hotfix updates for PureDisk (5000/5020/5030) or Backup Exec Appliances (3600 Series)
  • The certificate issue does not have an effect on these platforms, but requires a change to the endpoint URL’s before 12/31/2018.
  • Contact Veritas Technical Support for assistance with this procedure.
The following hotfixes are available:
2.6.0.x - See
2.6.1.x - See

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