Enterprise Vault 12.0.2

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Enterprise Vault 12.0.2 addresses a number of issues identified with Enterprise Vault 12 or earlier releases.

This release update is supplied with an installer for the Enterprise Vault, Compliance Accelerator, and Discovery Accelerator components. You must install all the Enterprise Vault and Accelerator components that are applicable to your Enterprise Vault environment to ensure that they are deployed correctly.

You must install this release update on all of the following:

  • Enterprise Vault servers
  • Servers on which the Enterprise Vault SharePoint components are installed
  • Servers on which the Enterprise Vault Reporting components are installed
  • Enterprise Vault Domino Gateway servers
  • Remote computers on which the Enterprise Vault Administration Console is installed

Note the following:

  • Do not upgrade to Enterprise Vault 12 and then immediately install this release update. You must first run the Database Upgrader to upgrade the Directory and Storage databases to 12, and then install this release update.
  • You must reinstall this release update if you install additional Enterprise Vault features or repair the Enterprise Vault installation.
  • You cannot uninstall this release update from the Enterprise Vault server.

Please review the attached ReadMeFirst file for details of the issues that have been addressed in this release update.

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