Updates, Patches and Late Breaking News for Enterprise Vault 12.0

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Release 12.0.3 is available. Review the following article for more information about the release.

Release Notification Article
Enterprise Vault 12.0.1 Release 000107756
Enterprise Vault 12.0.2 Release 000108117
Enterprise Vault 12.0.3 Release 000115005
 Enterprise Vault 12.0.4 Release 000115861

Below is a listing of the known issues for the 12.0 release organized by product name:  



Enterprise Vault Article Status
Classification rules with a large set of LIST terms cause large amount of memory usage, poor performance 000109372 Resolved
FileScreenService.exe keeps on crashing while attempting to close an invalid handle 000100762 Resolved
Events 13405 and 6651 are generated after recovering deleted items from dumpster 000081314 Resolved
EVConverterSandbox.exe Process - Excessive Memory Consumption" 000109536 Under Investigation


Microsoft Exchange Article Status
Mailbox archiving performance can be significantly degraded if one or more mailboxes has a large number of items in a single folder 000108038 Resolved
PST Locator fails with Event ID 13406 containing 'Error converting data type int to nvarchar' 000100470 Resolved
Event 28944 'CStreamerObject::Init(): method failed' preventing users from retrieving messages. 000114498 Resolved
 EV Add-in causes Outlook to run out of memory after opening items in many different content cache databases. 000115696 Under Investigation
 EVSVR Repair operations Database References and Queued Items do not ensure items are secured. 000115845 Under Investigation
 Users receive a 'blank page' while trying to open or download any items via EVS if opened from OWA2016 000115888 Under Investigation
 Enterprise Vault (EV) Custom Filter processing performance may degrade with large Distribution Lists. 000115702 Under Investigation
 Enterprise Vault Server Settings Migration Wizard fails when a partition has been configured to be migrated. 000115866 Under Investigation
"Unable to perform EV operations when outlook 2016 connects to Exchange 2010 via RPC over HTTP/S profile 000108366 Under Investigation
"Index Volumes are randomly being marked as failed due to a 'Users_Exists' Exception 000108050 Under Investigation
The message "Search is returning partial results..." is displayed when searching a Windows 2012 EV server with a NIC Team 000100576 Under Investigation
End users with Linked Mailboxes do not adhere to search policy settings for Enterprise Vault Search 000081543 Under Investigation
Search Client Access Provisioning of multiple domains incorrectly removes all users from a particular domain 000025765 Under Investigation
Search prompts for user credentials when Active Directory Client Certificates are in use 000025248 Under Investigation
Connection to Amazon Migrator from Enterprise Vault server does not work on a Windows 2012 server. 000081466 Under Investigation
A blank window is launched for Archive Explorer and EV Search if the user's Exchange Mailbox DN contains an "@" character 000019962 Under Investigation


File System Archiving Article Status
 The Enterprise Vault File System Archiving resource appears offline after a HAD restart. 000115833 Under Investigation


Lotus Domino Article Status
"You are not authorized to perform that operation" error occurs when replying to a shortcut from Notes client 000108045 Resolved
Temporary EVR_*.nsf databases are not deleting after usage 000107902 Resolved
Items with embedded images converted by EVDominoExchangeMigration.exe do not display correctly in Microsoft Outlook 000107997 Resolved
"EVDominoExchangeMigration.exe crashes while converting items without Display Name (DN) 000108048 Resolved
Embedded images are not attached to the retrieved items in EVS for items migrated from Domino to Exchange 000108034 Under Inverstigation


Compliance Accelerator Article Status
 Compliance Accelerator Scheduled Searches with Sampling and Date Range 'Since Search Last Ran' could yield unexpected results following a failed run 000115181 Under Investigation
 Accelerator Searches fail with each Index listing time out error code x80041c71 000109465 Under Investigation
Deleting Research Folder items after viewing their History fails with foreign key constraint error" 000114414 Under Investigation
Resubmitted Accelerator Searches using less than 100 percent Sampling return unexpected results 000025760 Under Investigation

Discovery Accelerator Article Status
 Accelerator Searches fail with each Index listing time out error code x80041c71 000109465 Under Investigation
Deleting Research Folder items after viewing their History fails with foreign key constraint error" 000114414 Under Investigation

SMTP Article Status

Microsoft Sharepoint Article Status
SharePoint archiving task fails with error "Server was unable to process request, Some or all identity references could not be translated, error fetching permissions" 000109425 Resolved

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