Verification failed installing guest components

Verification failed installing guest components

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When deploying guest componets for Veritas HA Console, you receive an error that the Verification Failed with no details on the failure.

Error Message

Launching process inside the VM ....
Exe Path = /opt/INSTALLER/PreInstallVerify
Command Line params = "/opt"
Launched the process.
Failed to complete the pre-install verification process on the virtual machine.Command ErrorCode = 126
ExitCode = 9


The root cause of this issue turns out to be the Windows file format (where each line ends with CF-LF (\r and \n characters)). So all the shell scripts that the CopyInstaller.bat picks up contain interpreter like "#!/bin/bash^M". The Pre-install verification is a shell script. If this shell script is changed to DOS file format, unix shell cannot execute it.


Confirm the OS installation source (ISO or directory) is in the correct format prior to running the Copyinstaller.bat to creat the installation package for Veritas HA Console.


Applies To

Veritas HA Console server running on Windows.

Linux VM Guests


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