Event ID 2776 During archiving run

Event ID 2776 During archiving run

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During an Archiving Run, an Event ID 2776 Error is seen: An exception occurred in routine |CArchivingAgent::isEligibleForArchive


Error Message

Event Type: Error
Event Source: Enterprise Vault
Event Category: Archive Task
Event ID: 2776
Date: <date>
Time: <time>
User: N/A
Computer: <EVServer>

An exception occurred in routine |CArchivingAgent::isEligibleForArchive


The following is seen in a DTrace of the ArchivingTask during these errors:


1218751 04:50:46.878  [1816] (ArchiveTask) <676> EV:H {CArchivingAgent::GetItemState} HRXEX fn trace : Error [0x80040304], [.\ArchivingAgent.cpp, lines {27859,27875,27877}, built Nov 11 21:02:46 2011].
1218752 04:50:46.878  [1816] (ArchiveTask) <676> EV:L CItem::FinalRelease()
1218753 04:50:46.878  [1816] (ArchiveTask) <676> EV:H CArchivingAgent::isEligibleForArchive - Exception Occurred [Extended info not available - Exception handler may not have been setup for this module|hread]
1218754 04:50:46.878  [1816] (ArchiveTask) <676> EV~E Event ID: 2776 An exception occurred in routine |CArchivingAgent::isEligibleForArchive | |
1218755 04:50:47.019  [1816] (ArchiveTask) <676> EV:M :CArchivingAgent::IsEligibleForArchive() |Exiting routine |


The cause of this error was IPM.EnterpriseVault.Pending items in mailboxes which had corrupted MAPI properties.  The error is seen during a check of the item state in the DTrace.


In order to resolve this issue, these items need to be removed or cancelled:

  1. Search the mailboxes for older pending or un-archived items. 
  2. Remove the items or cancel the pending status
  3. Re-run the archiving task against that mailbox to see if the number of errors goes down or disappears entirely.

Note: It may be necessary to use Outlook Search Folders to sort by message class, specifically the term 'pending'.
Note: If the pending items are cancelled and they try to archive and fail again, they may be corrupt and will need to be removed from the mailbox so archiving can take place.

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