Migrated media server to a new master server. Backups fail reporting a status code 47 - host is unreachable.

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Error is reported for a new media server. Actually media server is being moved from one master to another. It has a disk storage unit configured for it. A local backup of the media server itself fails with a status 47. The backup fails after 10 minutes.

Error Message

The bpbrm log reported

<16> inform_client_of_status: could not send server status message

The job fails with "EXIT STATUS 47: host is unreachable"


Checking hostname resolution on the master found the shortname was not resolving to the same IP as the FQDN name. Changed the hosts file on the master so that the media server hostname resolved correctly. Also ran \netbackup\bin\bpclntcmd -clear_host_cache to get the master to update its hostname cache.

Attempted another backup but the same thing occurred - status 47.

We looked at the bpcd log on the media server and found it was still trying to communicate back to the old master. Further checking in the media server's registry (HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\VERITAS\NetBackup\CurrentVersion\Config) we found that EMM_SERVER was still pointing to the old master. Corrected the registry, restarted services (bpdown, bpps to check that all processes stopped, bpup) and now the backup works.


Corrected the hostname resolution for the media server on the master. On the media server corrected the registry entry for EMM_SERVER to point to the new master server/EMM server.



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