Updates, Patches and Late Breaking News for NetBackup 7.6

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The Late Breaking News Bulletin has been created in order to provide customers updates on Documentation and Known Issues discovered post release.  These documents attempt to highlight the most "common" known issues and concerns reported by customers.



Guidelines regarding the availability of EEBs/Hotfixes for NetBackup can be found here:

  https://www. veritas.com/docs/000010599




NetBackup 7.6.1 Download Information

(UPDATED)  The NetBackup 7.6.1 Late Breaking News can be found at the following link:


NetBackup 7.6 GA Download Information

SORT 3.14 GA Announcement

SORT (Veritas Operations Readiness Tools) provides information on whether your environment is compatible with a NetBackup installation or upgrade and gives you links to the latest documentation and software.  Version 3.14 of SORT is now Generally Available (GA).  SORT 3.14 adds support for the NetBackup and NetBackup Appliances releases to the Installation and Upgrade Checklist and Custom Reports.


Known Issues: Please select the hyperlink on each topic for more information on each issue.

Appliance Issues:
Appliance-specific issues are collected in the NetBackup 5xxx Appliance series Late Breaking News:


Installation Issues:
Please review the NetBackup 7.x Upgrade Portal for additional information on how to perform a 7.6 upgrade: 

Following an upgrade to NetBackup OpsCenter 7.6, some historical data may be lost due to a change in the Data Purge setting for Backup Job data.

OpsCenter 7.6 upgrades fail when language packs or maintenance releases have been installed on top of version 7.1 or version 7.5.

(ET 3447902) Installation of NetBackup 7.5 or 7.6 hangs at the PDDE phase on some versions of AIX.

(ET 3460169) BMR boot server upgrade to does not clean-up old wim images


Latest Issues:

(NEW)   Fixed in  (ET 3709306) After upgrading to NetBackup or later, some AIX servers may experience a shortage of file system space and/or slow performance of NetBackup.

Fixed in  (ET 3749964) During VMWare Single File Restore (SFR), bprd will core dump on Solaris systems running on the SPARC architecture.

Fixed in  (ET 3711317) nbdiscover and/or nbcs may core dump when a virtual machine does not have an instance UUID.

Fixed in  (ET 3647290) Restores of SQL databases that contain space characters fail.

Fixed in  (ET 3647290) Security Advisory: SYM15-003: A potential for JavaScript injection exists in NetBackup OpsCenter through 7.6.1.

Fixed in  (ET 3642442) When attempting to create a move template to perform an alternate client SQL restore in NetBackup for SQL, no MOVE and TO stanza pairs are created.

Fixed in  (ET 3593340) GRT restores fail on 32-bit Windows because nbgre.exe is not started.

Tech Alert: After resizing the virtual disk, there is a potential for data loss when backing up VMware clients with NetBackup using Changed Block Tracking (CBT).

Tech Alert: (ET 3628786) Impact of "Shell Shock" bash bug and associated CVEs on NetBackup and NetBackup Appliances


NetBackup is now available!

NetBackup 7.6 Maintenance Release 4 ( includes fixes for the issues marked below (including all fixes contained in the NetBackup and maintenance releases) and additional fix content. All customers are encouraged to apply the maintenance release as part of normal maintenance. ALL issues listed below this header are resolved in NetBackup


Fixed in   (ET 3452005) The Windows BAR GUI does not properly enumerate Oracle instances when an Oracle 12c instance is present with another release of Oracle.

Fixed in   (ET 3596017) In NetBackup 7.6.0.x, P2V conversion jobs using Bare Metal Restore (BMR) may fail with Status 7 when the VMWare dataStore is incorrectly selected.

Fixed in  (ET 3612347) After upgrading to NetBackup, VMware Restore Wizard may fail to retrieve resource pools and datastores if the VM being restored is part of a vApp and no resource pools exist.

Fixed in  (ET 3624717) BMR restores fail for backups taken after 7th September, 2014 when using non-Windows Master Servers.

Fixed in  (ET 3595508) In NetBackup, and, Exchange 2007 database restores fail when system files and log files for a storage group reside on different volumes.

Fixed in  Tech Alert: (ET 3538035 / 3487431) bpbkar process hangs or core dumps for NetBackup VMware jobs on Linux backup hosts.

Fixed in  (ET 3555635) Accessing Vault Management via Java Console after upgrading NetBackup to version or generates error message "Access Denied. You do not have permission to perform this operation or access this resource."

Fixed in  Tech Alert: (ET 3570647) When Auto Image Replication is configured in NetBackup 7.6.0.x, import jobs may fail intermittently with a status code 226 (the entity already exists) reported.

Fixed in  (ET 3584557) OpsCenter is consuming a large quanity of memory.

Fixed in  Tech Alert: When using NetBackup for VMware, if BIOS UUIDs are not unique, results of VIP queries filtering on custom attributes may be unpredictable.


Fixed in  Tech Alert:  With a Solaris SPARC NetBackup master and Linux or Windows media server, there is a potential for full restores of a VM with independent disks to fail.

Fixed in  (ET 3524778) NetBackup for Microsoft Exchange restore of an Exchange 2013 database to a Recovery Database (RDB) fails if the restore is attempted from an image where the passive copy was backed up. If the active copy was backed up, the restore works properly.

Fixed in  (ET 3526998) After applying or the nbpem process is asserting in LastBackupData::getWindowTimes

Fixed in  NetBackup GRT browse of Exchange mailbox with special characters in its name fails with "Warning: unable to obtain list of files using specified search criteria" reported.

Note: The following hotfixes for are no longer available:

Fixed in (ET 3480594) alert: When using NetBackup to protect Windows 2012 NTFS Data Deduplication volumes, restored DFSR (Distributed File System Replication) data may be corrupt.

Fixed in (ET 3500731)  NB_7.6.0.2_ET3500731_1.zip is a Hotfix for NetBackup for Hyper-V to support single file restores in Windows 2012 R2 U1 environments.


Fixed in (ET 3387634) alert: When adding new schedules to a NetBackup synthetic policy on Windows, the include file list may be incorrect for future backups.

Fixed in alert: When /usr/openv is in the exclude list of a Linux backup host, VMware backups will appear to complete successfully but will not contain any data.

Fixed in True Image Restore with move detection should not be enabled in NetBackup policies where Accelerator has already been enabled.

Fixed in (ET 3413692) NetBackup for Microsoft Sharepoint 2010 Agent backups fail with status 13 when using SQL 2012 backend - bpbkar32.exe crashes

Fixed in Performance decrease for Incremental schedule types after upgrading to NetBackup 7.5

Fixed in (ET 3387593) NetBackup 7.5/7.6 additional tuning for Sybase to allow thread optimization

Fixed in (ET 3349473) Replication Director for VMware Snapshots may fail if the Master Server is a Windows Clustered Master

Fixed in (ET 3372109) NetBackup backup of DFSR data is slow.

Note: The following hotfixes for are no longer available:

Fixed in (ET 3409704) alert: In NetBackup 7.6, a catalog backup will skip the contents of the db\images directory when it is set as a volume mount point or directory junction.

Fixed in (ET 3415800) After upgrading to, VMware backups via SAN may fail with Status 130 due to bpbkar core dump

Fixed in (ET 3387595) After upgrading to NetBackup 7.5 (through or 7.6, the Activity Monitor displays either job status and details such as queued or active job even though details shows job has completed.

Fixed in (ET 3385162) After upgrading to Netbackup or 7.6, bpbkar32.exe may fault on Windows 2003 clustered servers.


Applies To


Installation and Upgrade Checklist:

An Installation and Upgrade Checklist is available for NetBackup 7.6 on the SORT website to determine 7.6 requirements for master, media and clients:


SORT also provides the ability to audit EEBs/Hotfixes in your environment to determine if they are resolved in a current version of NetBackup. You can access the EEB Auditor on SORT at the link below.

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