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Veritas System Recovery is the gold standard in Windows® system recovery. It allows businesses to recover from system loss or disasters in minutes, not hours, or days. Veritas System Recovery provides fast, easy-to-use system restoration to help IT administrators meet recovery time objectives. You can even perform full bare metal recovery to dissimilar hardware and virtual environments for servers, desktops, or laptops. It also provides the ability to recover systems in remote, unattended locations using LightsOut Restore.

Veritas System Recovery captures a recovery point of the entire live Windows system. The backup includes the operating system, applications, system settings, files, and other items. The recovery point can be conveniently saved to various media or disk storage devices including SAN, NAS, Direct Attached Storage, RAID, and so forth. When systems fail, you can quickly restore them without the need for manual, lengthy, and error-prone processes.

You can manage Veritas System Recovery remotely using one of the following:

  • Another licensed copy of Veritas System Recovery

  • Veritas System Recovery Monitor

  • Veritas System Recovery Management Solution (distributed separately)

    Veritas System Recovery Management Solution is licensed with Veritas System Recovery. You are not required to purchase a separate license for Veritas System Recovery Management Solution.

Veritas System Recovery Management Solution is a centralized management application. It provides IT administrators an at-a-glance view of system recovery jobs across your entire organization. You can centrally deploy, modify, and maintain recovery activities, jobs, and policies for local and remote systems. You can also monitor real-time status and quickly resolve any problems that are identified.

Using the integrated Granular Restore Option, you can quickly restore individual Microsoft® Exchange emails, folders, and mailboxes.

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