Unable to restore archived items and event ID's 2778 and 3249 are logged on the EnterpriseVault Server

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Users are unable to restore archived items to their mailboxes although the retrieval of the item (by double clicking the archived item in Outlook) succeeds.

Event ID's 2778 and 3249 are logged on the EnterpriseVault server and items appear stuck in the R1 and R2 MSMQ queues.

Error Message

Type :  Error
Event :  2778
Source :  Enterprise Vault
Category : Agent Client Broker
The error 0xc00e0056 occurred whilst calling the method CArchivingAgentQueue::RestoreItemNoCallBack()


Type :  Warning
Event :  3249
Source :  Enterprise Vault
Category : Agent Client Broker
Error occurred when sending a MQ message

Message Properties:

Error 0xc00e0056 corresponds to MQ_ERROR_STALE_HANDLE

"The specified queue handle was obtained in a previous session of the queue manager service. Close the queue and open it again to obtain a fresh handle."



1)  Ensure that Microsoft Message Queuing component is not installed with Active Directory Integration.

2)  Set the MSMQ Storage Limit to 8GB by following step 4 of the "Enterprise Vault Best Practice Registry Keys and Boot.ini Settings" technote in the Related Articles section of this technote.

3)  Stop the Task Controller Service and purge the R1 and R2 MSMQ queues for the affected Archive Task.  Once these items have been purged, purge them from the associated MSMQ Admin Queue as well, then restart the Task Controller service.



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