E98F001E: Failed to update data in the database.

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BESR  backup completes, but log shows error E98F001E: Failed to update data in the database.

Error Message

E98F001E: Failed to update data in the database.


Debug log also shows:

.\HistoryManager.cpp(855)   Function: CHistoryManager::UpdateCacheAndStore
Updating RPAM cache and store in <path to storage location>

Error E98F001E:

It appears to be trying to update RPAM_cache.dat on the storage location



There are known issues with RPAM in BESR 2010 and SSR 2011. , and engineering has acknowledged these. Work is in progress to correct them. At present, however, there is no fix available. In the interim, a workaround has been proposed - which entails disabling RPAM  (by unregistering the DLL).

The effect of this is that on a machine where RPAM  is disabled, it will not be able to MOUNT a BESR  image. However, the DLL can be re-registered if needed, then when the work with the mounted image is complete, unregister the DLL again to put the backups back in order again.


Applies To

BESR 2010, varied Windows OS versions (may affect XP, Vista, Windows 2003, Windows 2008)

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