Netbackup Console Media or Device mangement gives "error connecting to OPRD on :network protocol error (39)"

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When expanding device or media sections of the Netbackup Console, error 39 is observed.

Devices are inoperable and Media Server with configured tape drive is in state "Active for disk" only.

The LTID process appears to be hung

Error Message

error connecting to OPRD on <server> :network protocol error (39)


Tape drive / library was inoperable


In this case the drive / library was inoperable (e.g. stuck tape).

After resolving the device issue, functionality was restored

Applies To

Media Server hosting a tape library

Console reports an error when expanding Device or Media

LTID process cannot be terminated and issue persists after server reboot

The Media Server state shows as 'Active for disk'.  Issue persists after changing state to 'Active for tape and disk'

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