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Information and the public interest.

Information should be fully owned in public sector organizations to protect national interests, serve citizens, improve patient care and enable students.

Take a 360 approach to your data management to get all around protection, availability and insight for your data—no matter where it lives.



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With Veritas, you can forget:


Data silos

Platform dependence

Hidden storage costs

Inconsistent management

Greater compliance risk

Comprehensive solution.

Our 360 approach is more scalable and cost-effective than a collection of single purpose tools that weren't designed to work together. We enable you to address any data management challenge - from protection and availability to storage utilization and compliance.



Public sector proven.

The largest enterprises in the Fortune 500, most U.S. federal agencies, the largest state and local governments, educational institutions and healthcare organizations have trusted us for years.




No hardware agenda.

We help customers manage their data through many IT transitions - from client server to virtualization, open source and now to the multi-cloud. With neither infrastructure agenda nor platform dependence, we support your old and new worlds.