Data is dynamic. Your view shouldn’t be static.

The only way to control data is to fully understand what you have. See the complete picture with global data visibility.

Realize the Power of Data

A survey of 1,500 IT decision makers shows data management challenges cost orgs $2M annually.

GDPR Customer One

Learn how Veritas used its own tools to classify data.

IDC Insight

See how Veritas delivers GDPR-specific innovation across its portfolio.

We shine a light on your dark data.

The truth is, you can’t manage what you can’t see.

Reduce corporate risk and free up resources by dealing with the majority of your data that has no value to the business.




of all information stored by organizations is considered dark data, whose value is unknown.

Immersive Navigation

Easily explore your unstructured data. Then identify areas of risk or waste and take action.


Decisions at Scale

It’s impossible to manually manage billions of files. Aggregated insights allow you to make impactful decisions without a file-by-file inspection.

Discover how much “dark” data is costing your company.


Global Perspective

Obtain an end-to-end view of your entire data environment across geographies, data centers and cloud.


Veritas has a unique ability to deliver insights regarding enterprise data. They are hyper-focused on offering solutions that provide visibility into their customers’ information.

Sean Pike, Program Director,
Next-Generation Data Security and eDiscovery & Information Governance, IDC


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