There’s a huge digital transformation taking place today—the enterprise infrastructure evolution.

It’s no longer a question of whether to incorporate cloud in your company’s data management strategy. Now it’s about deciding what data to keep on-premises, what data to move to the cloud, and how to ensure your data is always available, protected, and accessible no matter where it is.

That means redefining the infrastructure you need for critical data and applications across your physical, virtual, and cloud environments today—using a single cloud provider, multiple cloud platforms, on-premises data centers, or a mix-and-match approach.

And it means creating a vision for how you can stay flexible enough to evolve that infrastructure tomorrow—while lowering risks, reducing costs, and meeting changing business and regulatory needs.

No matter where you are on this journey,
Veritas can help.

We’ve designed a set of tools to simplify your journey. They’ll accelerate your digital transformation, extend your existing investments, optimize everything, and help your IT team become truly agile.

Global Data Visibility

Identifying your critical data among all the junk can waste time, money, and effort if you don't have the insights to create proactive data retention and cloud migration policies.

Information Map can help you decide what data to keep and where.

Unified Data Protection

Gaining visibility into all your assets is a great start, and extending your on-premises enterprise data protection to cloud-based workloads is the perfect next step.

NetBackup can help you protect everything with confidence.

Optimized Data Portability

Making sure demanding applications deliver the performance you need depends on how you provision storage resources while managing costs, and the cloud is no different.

Access can help you optimize storage for all your workloads.

Predictable Business Resiliency

Nothing can stall your digital transformation faster than worrying about being able to move workloads as needed or recover services after a disaster.

Resiliency Platform can help you failover and failback in a flash.

High Performance Applications

Managing your business-critical Tier 1 apps in the cloud while ensuring high availability, top performance, and controlling costs can be tricky.

InfoScale can help you “lift and shift” without starting from scratch.

Enterprise Ready Compliance

Matching enterprise requirements for email retention, eDiscovery and legal holds, or proof of compliance in the cloud shouldn’t be a legal nightmare.

Enterprise can help you comply via cloud-based archiving.

Companies want to accelerate their migration to the cloud and do so in a simple, scalable, reliable, and cost-effective manner

Why Veritas?

We're a trusted and valued enterprise advisor.

There’s a reason why 86% of Global Fortune 500 enterprises trust Veritas with their most critical asset—their information. We help ensure their data is protected, their applications are available, and they gain insights to help lower risks and costs regardless of on-premises or cloud infrastructure.

We’re focused on your transformation.

Whether your journey is just getting started or you’re already a digital-savvy enterprise, you’re likely to encounter a few bumps in the road. By using policy-driven process and automation, our products free your IT team to focus on high-priority projects instead of routine management of data in the cloud. And by enabling you to replace pricey capital investments with an operating expense strategy based on need, we help you manage your bottom line instead of worrying about it.