Business Critical Services – Training

Get more out of your Veritas products with Veritas Education Services. Veritas provides technical product training directly to Business Critical Services customers. To take advantage of this benefit, follow the steps below:

1.     View the course catalog available for your region:


Asia Pacific & Japan

Europe, Middle East & Africa

2.     Contact an Education Services representative to schedule a class:

North America

Latin America, Caribbean

Asia Pacific, Japan

Europe, Middle East, Africa


What training methods are available?

Veritas offers a variety of training methods to suit different learning preferences. The following methods are currently available:

Classroom Training - Traditional public classroom training that includes comprehensive learning design, hands-on labs and expert instructors who also have experience in the field, and available at over 40 locations globally.

Virtual Academy - The Veritas Virtual Academy online learning environment recreates the traditional classroom learning experience with:

  • Live webcasts: interactive sessions with the Veritas instructor
  • Hands-on labs: running on dedicated Veritas servers allow first practice of the skills learned
  • Expert mentoring: ensures you can get answers you need directly from the instructor without interruption

Private Training - When you have a large number of students to train and the facilities and equipment in place, our instructors can deliver a private class just for your team.

  • Dedicated Classes - Training held at Veritas facilities that are designed specifically for technical classroom training, or as a private Virtual Academy
  • Customer Site Training - This entails exclusive instructor-led training at you preferred time and location. Education can deliver custom classes built for your environment and focused on your specific issues. Classes can be delivered with or without Veritas Education’s mobile equipment. This method is ideal for a larger number of students in need of rapid training.

Contact your Business Critical Account Manager or Veritas Education Services for more information or to schedule a private training.

Free Web-Based Training - A free eLibrary subscription provides you with on-demand training available 24/7, 365 days a year. The same training content that is delivered in Veritas classrooms by live instructors is the basis of all eLibrary content. Full courses are broken into a number of 15-75 minute “bite-size” modules that are organized by product and version categories.

How do I schedule a class?

Business Critical Services customers may work with their Business Critical Account manager to begin the class scheduling process or they may alternately contact Veritas Education Services directly to determine class availability and scheduling:

North America, Latin America, Caribbean, Asia Pacific, Japan,  Europe, Middle East, Africa

Can a Business Critical Services customer view the class schedule and register online?

Yes, Business Critical Services customers have the option to explore the course catalog and regional class schedule online at Americas, Asia Pacific & Japan, Europe, Middle East & Africa.

After finding your desired class, click on the ‘Schedule’ link to register. Choose your payment option. Some regions offer the payment option ‘Reservation’ which allows the customer to select a class and reserve it. Later, the payment for that class must be processed with the assistance of an Education Training Coordinator. The only payment types that can be used online to complete the registration are Training Credits.

If you will be providing payment in any form other than Training Credits, please contact Veritas Education Services directly for registration assistance.

If a class isn’t available, are there other options?

If there’s sufficient demand, additional classes may be created upon request. This will be based on availability of resources and facilities. Work with your BUSINESS CRITICAL ACCOUNT MANAGER on requesting an addition to the existing public schedule.

If a class still isn’t available (i.e. no resources, language capabilities, facilities etc.) are there other options?

Yes. Veritas has Authorized Training Partners who deliver Veritas created technical training. Many of these partners can provide training in additional locations and languages, extending Veritas’s training reach. Business Critical Services customers may be eligible for a discount on any training class from a Veritas Authorized Training partner (ATP), at the ATP's discretion.

View ATPs in your region: AmericasAsia Pacific & JapanEurope, Middle East & Africa.

What are my payment options?

The following payment options are available for Veritas Education Services:

Training Credits

If the customer has unused and unexpired Training Credits, these can be used either for an online purchase by the customers, or for a purchase assisted by a Training Coordinator Veritas Education Services.

Purchase Order Payments

To establish a new purchase order and/or register for training using a purchase order, please contact Veritas Education Services.

Other Means of Payments

For all other means of payment such as wire transfer, bank draft, etc., please contact Veritas Education Services who will assist you in registration and in processing your payment.


Some regions offer the payment option ‘Reservation’ which allows the customer to select a class and reserve it. Later, the payment for that class must be processed with the assistance of Veritas Education Services.

What do I need to bring with me to the class?

All required learning materials are provided in the classroom unless you receive specific instructions stating otherwise.

Is there any preparation work required (prerequisites)?

Preparation for training events is always helpful, but it is not required. If there are pre-requisite course requirements indicated in the course description, then those do apply and should be completed in advance of the class. Students are responsible for ensuring they have the proper prerequisite knowledge and skills before attending a course. All prerequisites are listed in the individual course descriptions.

What is the required attire?

Casual attire is recommended

Can I access the Internet to check my e-mail from the classroom computer?

You may bring your laptop and use phone lines provided for accessing the internet via your local ISPS.

What is the address and phone number of my training location? What hotels do you recommend?

Please contact your regional Veritas Education Services:

North America

Latin America, Caribbean

Asia Pacific, Japan

Europe, Middle East, Africa

What time does the class start/end?

The class start time is indicated in your Order Confirmation e-mail letter. Most Veritas Education centers open at 8:30 am daily with classes starting at 9 am. Classes end at approximately 5:00 pm daily. Typically, there is a lunch break, as well as a 15-minute break mid-morning and mid-afternoon. Class registration confirmation notices and email reminders provide students with more specific information about each class. For additional information, contact Veritas Education Services.

What are the Virtual Academy technical requirements?

If you are enrolled in a Virtual Academy class, please review the technical requirements below and check/test your system before you begin the class:

Test your lecture/lab access from the location and computer you will be using for the upcoming training.

Webcast Lecture diagnostic test

Note: Test #4 "Adobe Connect Add-in Test" is only applicable for presenting Instructors - and does not apply to student participants.

See Adobe Connect Technical Specs for Webcast Lecture requirements details.2) Virtual Lab system checker

  • Select North America-West for the Americas (North, Central, Caribbean, South).
    (The Heathrow, Florida selection can be additionally used to test against our alternate Americas hosting site)
  • Select Europe for Europe, Middle East and Africa regions.
  • Select Asia-Pacific for India, China, Japan and Pacific regions.

How do I reschedule or cancel a registration?

In order to reschedule your course or cancel your course and receive a full refund, contact Veritas Education Services at least 10 business days prior to the course start date for Instructor Led and Virtual Academy courses. Any cancellations made after the 10 business day window will be charged at 100% of course price.

Veritas will not honor refund requests after 12 months from date of order.

Veritas reserves the right to reschedule or cancel a course due to low enrollment or if necessitated by other circumstances. Veritas will notify you via email at least 10 business days prior to the course start date. Once notified you may reschedule or receive a full credit. Veritas shall not be liable for non-refundable travel arrangements if a course is rescheduled/cancelled.

How do I manage my Education Services account?

How do I update my personal information?

Select your region: Americas, Asia Pacific & Japan, Europe, Middle East & Africa. Click on the "Sign In" link in the left navigation and update your profile information and save your changes.

Note: The private contact information you enter and update here will help us maintain your account and contact you with any relevant news and information. The information we gather from you will not be used outside of Veritas without your permission.

What if I forgot or want to change my password?

Select your region: Americas, Asia Pacific & Japan, Europe, Middle East & Africa. Click on the “Forgot My Password?” link.

How can I print my certificate of course completion?

Select your region: Americas, Asia Pacific & Japan, Europe, Middle East & Africa. Click on the "Sign In" link in the left navigation bar, then once logged in you will see a Welcome page. Click on "View My Transcript" in the left navigation bar. Click on the "Print Certificate of Completion" link for your completed course.