Frequently asked questions about the HubStor acquisition

Who is HubStor?

Founded in 2015, HubStor is a provider of cloud-integrated, Backup and Data Management as a Service platform for enterprise organizations that need granular data management capabilities with enterprise-grade security. HubStor is a Microsoft partner and serves enterprise clients globally including in North America, Europe, Australia, and South Africa, from Azure data centers.

Why is Veritas acquiring HubStor?

Through the acquisition of HubStor, Veritas is expanding the breadth of our Enterprise Data Services Platform in order to enable freedom of choice for your data management strategy. 

HubStor solutions enable our customers to consume data management as a service, focused on the protection of SaaS-based applications. This year has made it clear that protection of SaaS-based applications is mission-critical. Veritas has been delivering protection through Veritas SaaS Backup, however, we believe that the acquisition of HubStor enables Veritas to deliver the enterprise-class experience in the SaaS protection space that is expected from Veritas. The HubStor service runs within Microsoft Azure, which greatly expands the number of regions supported for data sovereignty requirements,  allows for customers to enhance their solution with other Azure services, and can be tied into their own existing Azure subscription. 

What value does HubStor bring for Veritas customers and partners?

With HubStor, Veritas directly offers and supports new capabilities and benefits for your organization:

  • Protects numerous workloads in addition to Office 365 such as Slack, Box, Google Workspace, and other PaaS workloads. 
  • Customizes and tailor configurations to your needs – set your backup schedule, frequency of backups, and configure retention at a more granular level – even down to individual items.
  • Empowers users to recover their own data via self-service.
  • Simplifies and saves costs with one SaaS platform.
  • Provides tools to enable compliance with data sovereignty requirements with more data center locations globally.
  • Discovers insights with dashboards and reporting on your backup environment.
  • Leverages the power of Azure – geographical replication, various storage options, and options to bring your own Azure subscription.
What does this acquisition mean to me as a Veritas SaaS Backup Customer?

Currently entitled Veritas SaaS Backup Customers will have the option to migrate to the Veritas HubStor solution. More information about this migration will be available soon.

What happens to my current Veritas SaaS Backup subscription if I do not migrate, will I still receive the same Veritas SaaS Backup offering?

Yes, you will continue to receive the current Veritas SaaS Backup offering until your current subscription expires.

Can I still purchase additional users to add to my existing subscription?

Yes, consistent with the Veritas SaaS Backup subscription offering, existing customers can purchase additional users to add to their current subscription until that subscription expires.

When can I migrate to the new Veritas HubStor solution?

Starting late 2021, Veritas will begin offering to migrate existing customers to HubStor if they wish. You will need to purchase a new HubStor subscription for the new solution and discontinue your existing subscription to Veritas SaaS Backup.

Once Veritas starts migrating customers, do I have to wait until my current expiration date, or can I migrate earlier?

You can migrate before your expiration date if you wish. However, we will not be issuing credit for any unused portion of your existing subscription to Veritas SaaS Backup.

How will the migration work from a technical perspective? Do I get copies of my historical backup data from current solution and would it be ingested into the new solution?

Veritas is investigating these issues as well as how to provide customers with the best solution for a smooth migration experience.

What does this acquisition mean to me as a HubStor customer?

As an existing HubStor customer, you can expect business as usual for the immediate future – your current entitlements still apply and we will advise you of any changes in advance. As HubStor is more tightly integrated into Veritas, there will likely be changes – however we see greater benefits to both HubStor and Veritas customers through a combined organization that will integrate the quality support and features you have come to expect from HubStor, with the enterprise resources of Veritas.

Will Veritas keep the HubStor brand?

For now, there is no change in the HubStor product or brand.  In the short-term, organizations using HubStor will see the HubStor brand alongside Veritas as we progress our integration plans.

Will there be a change in HubStor's contacts or services for customers or technical support?

Please continue to use existing HubStor support and customer care contacts and processes as you always have. We will advise of there are any changes well in advance.

Who do I contact for more information on this acquisition?

Please revisit this resource for ongoing updates as we progress our integration plans. You can also reach out to the sales representative associated with your account.