Choosing an Appliance

Choosing between a virtual and physical appliance for a remote office

Remote offices can range from an unattended server in the back room of a retail store to the branch office of an enterprise that supports hundreds of users. Each presents a unique set of challenges for a data management system.

Small Remote Offices

Small remote offices struggle to protect their data without a dedicated technical staff and IT resources. The data management system must be easy to install, maintain remotely, and efficiently transfer data to a central office for long-term retention. The NetBackup Virtual Appliance for Remote Offices is an ideal solution to meet these needs:

  • Combined master and media server
  • Fits into existing VMware virtual environments
  • Maximum capacity 2 TB
  • Features deduplication to minimize storage and transfer bandwidth requirements
  • Optimal for locations with limited space

Large or Midsize Remote Offices

Large or midsize remote offices often need a data management system that can scale easily and support users with demanding applications such as Oracle databases. A compact configuration of the NetBackup 5240 Appliance offers the best performance and scalability to meet these needs:

  • Master and/or media server
  • Compact configuration with 4 TB, 14 TB, or 27 TB of storage
  • Scales to 201 TB with additional storage shelves
  • Features optimized deduplication
  • Simplifies database backup with NetBackup Copilot for Oracle

IDC names Veritas NetBackup Appliances the market leader for Purpose Built Backup Appliances

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