Backup Exec and HPE

Greater than the sum of our parts.

Special unified data protection offer from Veritas Backup Exec and Hewlett Packard Enterprise.


A long-term commitment.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) holds the respect and trust of organizations worldwide that depend on HPE Servers and storage, and other equipment to run their businesses.

HPE in turn trusts Veritas data protection and other data management solutions to help customers simplify the complexity in today's Hybrid IT environments.

With Backup Exec and HPE servers you can:

  • Handle a wide range of application backup requirements.
  • Maintain a single interface for all backups, across all client platforms.
  • Address the most demanding backup requirements.

Backup Exec and HPE StoreEver

True unified data protection for Hybrid IT with Backup Exec and HPE StoreEver

We recognize that small and medium-sized businesses require efficient and reliable data protection and long-term retention solutions to manage growing data sets while keeping costs under control. HPE Storage provides a broad portfolio of data protection solutions which allows small and medium-sized businesses to extract the most value from their data during its entire lifecycle, while minimizing total cost of ownership.

HPE StoreEver Tape, together with Backup Exec provides a complete solution in itself or can be easily integrated into your existing Hybrid IT strategy. HPE StoreEver Tape Solutions significantly reduce overall storage costs, energy used and datacenter footprint allocation, while addressing data growth challenges with the ability to add extra tape drives and capacity on-demand, as your business expands.

Backup Exec and HPE StoreEver Tape seamlessly integrate, helping you achieve a unified data protection and archiving solution to protect your most valuable assets now and in the future.


Comprehensive data protection with HPE StoreOnce Systems.

Simple, affordable and flexible data protection with rapid recovery.

Veritas and HPE have a track record of delivering efficient data protection solutions. Backup Exec and HPE StoreOnce Systems, with data deduplication, deliver a robust, high performance and flexible backup and recovery solution helping you to:

  • Increase storage utilization.
  • Increase availability of server resources.
  • Improve efficiency and cost-effective movement of backup data offsite.
  • Improve backup speeds: Backing up multiple targets simultaneously to HPE StoreOnce can significantly improve backup speed.

Benefit from next generation data protection with backup, replication management, and tape in one solution from HPE and Veritas integration.



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