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Discover how you can accelerate your digital transformation with hybrid cloud data protection enabled by Veritas Backup Exec software and Microsoft Azure. Explore the different pathways to reduce cost and complexity, depending on where you are on your data protection efforts.



Backup Exec software protects your data wherever it resides - Physical, Virtual and Cloud - without the need for multiple point solutions.


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  • The Great Cloud Backup Migration

    Scalability, reliability, flexibility - why almost half the world’s businesses are already using cloud backup and the other half are rapidly joining them…


  • More than just backup

    How much better protected could your business data be? Find out.


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  • Veritas Backup Exec vs. Veeam Backup & Replication™

    TCO, user experience - why Backup Exec software is an all-round winner.


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You're setting out on your journey towards the cloud and want to ensure your route takes in all the data protection, backup and recoverability capabilities you need to keep the business safe as you move forward.


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  • Learn the 7 Reasons Why...

    ...Azure and Backup Exec software are THE cloud data protection choice for small and mid-sized organizations.


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  • IDC Infographic

    Unifying your cloud and backup clould be critical to successful Digital Transformation.


    Discover how

  • IDC InfoBrief

    Unified cloud and data protection is a key enabler for Digital Transformation. Find out how and transition with Azure and Backup Exec software.


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You've deployed Backup Exec software and now you're exploring your cloud options, but you want to make sure your data stays fully protected, recoverable and agile.


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  • Learn the 7 Reasons Why...

    ...Azure and Backup Exec software are THE cloud data protection choice for small and mid-sized organizations.


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  • Veritas - Microsoft Strategic Alliance

    Together, Bacup Exec and Azure mean lower riskand cost, enhanced agility, reapid recoverability and no rip and replace. Discover how.


  • Backup Exec & Azure - even better together

    See the business benefits and new revenue opportunities enabled by Azure IaaS.


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You're already seeing the benefits of unifying cloud and backup with Azure and Backup Exec software, but you want to ensure all your data protection bases are covered and avoid any potential pitfalls.


  • Learn the 7 Reasons Why...

    ...Azure and Backup Exec software are THE cloud data protection choice for small and mid-sized organizations.


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  • BE Prepared, BE Protected against Ransomware

    Ransomware can strike at any time. Ensure your critical business data is protected wherever it resides - physical, virtual, cloud - even your endpoints can be protected against Ransomware, with Backup Exec software, combined with DLO. Read the Infographic to find out more.


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  • Need support for your GDPR strategy?

    Veritas Information Map software can help, by giving you a whole new world of visibility and control over your data, so you can see what you have, and where it is, in seconds.


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  • Back up your SaaS Solutions

    Cloud management, backup and recovery can be complex, but Veritas has a new solution that can help. Find out more in this Solution Showcase, from ESG.


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Azure enabled data protection – without the mayBE's

Explore these resources and discover why Microsoft Azure and Veritas Backup Exec software give you all the power and potential of the cloud.


Watch the video and learn the 7 reasons why Backup Exec software on Azure delivers the ultimate in cloud backup for the ultimate cloud platform.


Backup in the Multi-Cloud Age

How are businesses like yours gearing up for Digital Transformation and emerging legislation like GDPR? And why is a cohesive cloud and backup strategy critical to that process? Find out in this Spiceworks 
survey report.


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Webinar: The transformational power of unified Cloud and Backup

Cloud and backup are vital considerations for companies on the path to Digital Transformation. Sign up and join IDC analyst Carla Arend and senior speakers from Microsoft and Veritas to discover just how vital. 


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