A unified approach to
backup and recovery

Safeguard data across multiple locations with AWS.

Unified data protection for reliable backup and fast recovery with Veritas Backup Exec and AWS

Using multiple point solutions to manage backup and recovery across on-premises and cloud environments can be complex and time consuming. Veritas Backup Exec can help you manage backup data with one software solution, regardless of where your data is located.

Available in AWS Marketplace, Backup Exec enables you to move and manage copies of on-premises data and AWS workloads to Amazon S3. Backup Exec features include:

  • Protection of all workloads across on-premises and cloud environments.  
  • A single user interface that can use the same policies and processes to manage data protection for on-premises and cloud data.
  • Built-in deduplication and compression for optimal storage efficiency. 
  • Fast granular search and recovery of files or applications.



Veritas and AWS helped Trimono adopt a modern backup and recovery solution and lower its recovery point objective by 86 percent – from seven days to one day.

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Trimono LDA, a commercial electrical and surveillance systems provider in Portugal, relied on USB-disk based media backup for years. Faced with data growth and the time-consuming manual work involved in creating media backups, the company sought a more reliable, automated solution. Trimono replaced its prior solution with Veritas Backup Exec to automate backup to Amazon Web Services (AWS).

Veritas and AWS helped ensure that Trimono’s data was protected and available for financial record keeping and regulatory compliance requirements. In this webinar, you’ll learn how Trimono gained reliable data protection, improved storage efficiency, lowered its recovery point objective (RPO) by 86 percent (from seven days to one day), and its reduced recovery time objective (RTO) from hours to minutes.

A Single Solution for Distributed, Mixed IT Environments

Unified data protection on the cloud

Today’s IT infrastructure are becoming more complex and often consists of a combination of virtual machines and physical systems in geographically dispersed locations. Backup and recovery for such environments can become disjointed and expensive. 

Cloud-based backup and recovery can be ideal for organizations with complex IT environments, seeking to simplify data protection, avoid large up-front infrastructure investments, and achieve fast data recovery.

Discover how your organization can benefit from a unified data protection approach on the cloud.