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Backup Exec for Microsoft Azure

Unified data protection for cloud-ready organizations.

Ensure the protection of your Microsoft Azure data.

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With data continuing to proliferate at an astounding rate, organizations are looking to the cloud for help addressing the costs, risks, and practices that prevent simple, secure and sustainable data storage. Backup Exec supports your journey to the cloud. Public cloud connectors for Azure storage services let you write data directly to specific geos. Support for key hardware gateways accelerates your IT team’s agility with on-premises and hybrid options. Get business resilience with Azure infrastructure in-the-cloud and from-the-cloud data protection.

Move data easily to Azure

Use inexpensive cloud storage to eliminate tape reliance.

  • Optimize storage efficiency and ensure data compliance
  • Balance storage costs and performance by using Azure for tiered data storage
  • Mitigate regulatory risks by intelligently moving the right data to Azure at the right time
  • Simplify your infrastructure with hybrid cloud storage solutions

Protect workloads in Azure

Confidently protect data in both new and legacy workloads.

  • Easily implement data protection for new and legacy workloads
  • Migrate mission-critical applications to Azure to increase resilience and performance
  • Extend data protection capabilities to all workloads: on-premises, virtual and physical
  • Ensure application and storage high availability across Azure geos and regions 

Unify your data protection infrastructure

Gain complete visibility and control over all your backups.

  • Reduce data loss risk with a single management interface across physical, virtual and cloud
  • Decrease reliance on point backup tools 
  • Easily implement world-class backup in a cloud infrastructure 

Why choose Veritas Backup Exec with Microsoft Azure

10 reasons why you will want to start using Backup Exec to protect your environment to and in Azure.

Backup Exec in Azure Marketplace

Get business resilience with Azure infrastructure in-the-cloud and from-the-cloud data protection.

Market Leadership

Backup Exec ranks among the best business software solutions based on user ratings and social data. Our customers love using our product and we think you will, too.

Protect your business-critical data across every environment.


The #1 enterprise backup and recovery solution.

Desktop and Laptop Option

Proven, automated protection for today's geographically diverse workloads.

System Recovery

Image-based backup and disaster recovery for servers, desktops and laptops.

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