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InfoScale Enterprise

World-class availability meets world-class storage management

InfoScale Enterprise helps your IT teams realize ever more reliable operations and better protected information and applications across your physical and virtual infrastructures.  

With enterprise-class resiliency and software-defined storage features for critical services across your data center infrastructure, InfoScale Enterprise ensures that your IT operations perform at their highest levels.

Availability and performance for critical databases

What every Oracle RAC and Sybase ASE CE needs

Implement and manage highly available Real Application Clusters (RAC) databases with InfoScale Enterprise, a reliable, easy-to-use storage and cluster management solution. InfoScale Enterprise helps you increase flexibility, scalability, and performance, while reducing system downtime.

The solution combines the strengths of Sybase ASE CE with robust storage management and high-availability capabilities to implement fully scalable Sybase shared-disk clusters, offering benefits in availability and performance.

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All the performance. None of the downtime.

Application protection minimizes planned and unplanned downtime

InfoScale Enterprise includes high-availability and disaster-recovery capabilities for your critical business services—including
individual databases, custom applications, and complex multitier
applications—across physical and virtual environments and over any distance.

Intelligent monitoring for applications and infrastructure detects possible risks to availability and automatically recovers applications when needed. Site outages are automatically detected and application recovery to a disaster-recovery site is initiated automatically or on your call. With built-in testing to proactively detect and report potential problems before they have an impact on IT services, InfoScale Enterprise helps minimize unwanted downtime of your critical business services.

Availability over any distance

Extend your disaster recovery beyond data replication

Disaster recovery is about more than replicating data. For mission-critical applications that must remain online even in the event of a site failure, disaster recovery means automating your application recovery.

InfoScale Enterprise provides disaster recovery over any distance, allowing your organization to deploy both local high-availability and remote clustering for a complete disaster recovery solution.

With a single click, you can migrate applications between servers in a local data center, in the same metro region, or move all applications to a data center thousands of miles away.

Maximum uptime for multitier applications

Faster recovery without the manual intervention

As application components increasingly get distributed across multiple physical and virtual tiers, their management gets increasingly complex.InfoScale Enterprise shields you from this complexity with Virtual Business Services (VBS), a simple construct that internalizes the start/stop sequencing and dependency between different tiers that comprise the multitier applications.

VBS is aware of the complete business service and takes action in the event of a failure. When an individual component of the multitier application fails, Virtual Business Services not only recovers the failed application, it automatically orchestrates the connection to other computing resources needed to keep the business service available.  The result is faster recovery and minimal downtime—all with no manual intervention.

Detect failures instantly. Recover data faster.

Increase your detection rates, not your overhead

Normal clustering relies on resource polling to determine the
health of your application resources. This polling process increases processor overhead but, more importantly, doesn’t always notice faults immediately.

Intelligent Monitoring Framework in InfoScale Enterprise asynchronously monitors selected Resources, meaning failures can be detected instantaneously. The CPU overhead associated with traditional poll-based monitoring is also greatly reduced.

Automate disaster recovery testing

Regular testing helps you prepare for real disasters.

Your production environments are constantly changing. Having a regular cadence of testing your disaster recovery strategy is critical to guarantee a successful recovery in the event of an outage.

InfoScale Enterprise includes Fire Drill, a tool that simulates disaster recovery tests by starting up an application at the disaster recovery site as it would in an actual disaster. Because it is a simulation, Fire Drill does not disrupt production applications, so it can be run as often as necessary, eliminating the need for extensive manual weekend testing.

Better QoS. Fewer costs. All the time.

Meet application requirements for storage performance

SmartIO and storage-tiering technologies from Veritas not only enhance storage performance and QoS but also the cost-effectiveness of the overall storage environment.

SmartIO is especially useful for lots of small, random reads and writes, such as with a transactional database. By keeping hot data inside the server on fast solid-state devices, application reads are filled up to 400 percent faster than they can be over a traditional Storage Area Network (SAN), reducing costs by more than 80 percent.

Additionally, storage tiering allows less frequently accessed or lower-priority data to be stored on lower-grade, less-expensive storage.

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Data flexibility = data availability

Dial up your data accessibility and availability

InfoScale Storage’s Flexible Storage Sharing (FSS) and Dynamic Multi-Pathing (DMP) helps you enable data accessibility and availability across your infrastructure.

FSS uses network interconnect between nodes and enables sharing of local storage across a global namespace to provide data redundancy, high availability, and disaster recovery without the need for shared storage. It also allows logical volumes to be created out of network-shared storage, as well as physically shared storage within a common storage namespace.

By rerouting I/Os to other available data paths in the event of a storage path failure, DMP improves storage I/O performance and availability across heterogeneous server and storage platforms. It also automatically restores failed paths that become healthy.

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Scale out. Without the freak out.

Application scale-out made easy

InfoScale Enterprise can be mounted on up to 64 cluster nodes simultaneously, making it an ideal solution for application scale-out. Its load-balancing architecture distributes file ownership across all nodes in the cluster for near-linear performance scalability. The result:  reliable and high-performance file data access across a broad spectrum of enterprise applications, including media applications and unstructured data.

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Three technologies. One lower TCO.

Storage management solutions for every financial objective

InfoScale Enterprise helps lower you total cost of operations (TCO) in three critical ways.

InfoScale deduplication and compression capabilities reduce the amount of storage hardware you need. Thin reclamation allows you to reclaim (and reuse) thin-provisioned LUNs that are no longer required because the data they stored have been deleted. And storage virtualization support frees you to choose the storage hardware vendor that’s best for you.

Streamline your operating system migration

Maximize your migration while minimizing your downtime.

Moving application workloads from one OS to another has its benefits. But it can have its headaches, too.

Take the tedium and application outages out of your next migration with InfoScale Enterprise. InfoScale helps you move to your operating system of choice. With Portable Data Containers, you can slash downtime by exporting data from one operating system and importing it on another in minutes.

Enable cost-effective local and remote access

Host-based mirroring and replication technologies

When replication is implemented across heterogeneous operating systems, several point tools are required, making management of copies a difficult task.

InfoScale Enterprise helps protect the data with copy service options that address both local and remote replication needs across all major operating systems. For mission-critical applications that require recovery at remote sites, InfoScale Enterprise enables the efficient replication of data over IP networks. This host-based technology enables data to be replicated between multi-vendor storage arrays, giving organizations an extremely flexible, cost-effective alternative to traditional, array-based replication architectures.

Next-Gen business continuity and management

Introducing the InfoScale family of solutions

Select products from the Storage Foundation High Availability (SFHA) family have transitioned to the newer InfoScale family, the next generation of Veritas’s business-continuity and storage-management solutions.

Featuring broader functionality than in the previous product line, InfoScale also offers the option of subscription licensing. Overall, the newer products have broader functionality than individual products in the previous product line.

InfoScale solutions include:

  • InfoScale Enterprise
  • InfoScale Availability
  • InfoScale Storage
  • InfoScale Foundation
  • InfoScale Operations Manager

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InfoScale Foundation

Basic storage management

Designed for heterogeneous online storage management. environments, InfoScale Foundation combines Veritas’s industry-leading File System and Volume Manager technology to deliver a comprehensive solution that increases storage utilization and enhances storage I/O path availability.

Key features include:

  • Veritas Volume Manager and File System
  • Dynamic multi-pathing
  • Enclosure-based naming
  • Device names using array volume IDs

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InfoScale Storage

The comprehensive software-defined storage solution

Provision and manage storage independently of hardware with Veritas InfoScale Storage. This software-defined storage solution delivers predictable Quality-of-Service by identifying and optimizing critical workloads. It also increases storage agility, enabling you to work with and manage multiple types of storage to achieve better ROI without compromising on performance and flexibility.

In addition to InfoScale Foundation features, InfoScale Storage includes:

  • Cluster File System (including Flexible Storage Sharing)
  • SmartIO (file system– and application-aware data caching)
  • Volume and file replication
  • Thin storage reclamation
  • Comprehensive snapshot capabilities

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InfoScale Availability

Keep information available and systems running

Veritas InfoScale Availability is a robust, software-defined approach to application availability that enables .organizations to innovate and gain cost savings of physical and virtual across commodity server deployments. Maximum IT-service continuity is ensured at all times, moving resiliency from the infrastructure layer to the application layer.

Key features include:

  • Veritas Cluster Server
  • Virtual Business Service (VBS) for multitier applications
  • Global Cluster Option for cross-site, long-distance DR
  • AdaptiveHA (resource optimizing high availability)

More about InfoScale Availability

InfoScale Operations Manager

Maximize benefits, not costs

InfoScale Operations Manager provides a role-based, easy-to-use, graphical interface for InfoScale (and earlier Storage Foundation High Availability) products.

This functionality adds value to all the InfoScale offerings by providing visibility and control, and comprehensive reports covering availability, servers, storage, and licenses.

Key areas of focus include:

  • Centralized visibility and control
  • Automated operations
  • Comprehensive reports

More about InfoScale Operations Manager

Veritas InfoScale with Amazon Web Services

Veritas InfoScale offers enterprise-grade software-defined storage and resiliency for enterprises looking to deploy and run their top tier applications on Amazon Web Services including:

  • Mission-critical application performance in AWS
  • Efficient and intelligent data migration to AWS
  • Availability and disaster recovery

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Performance migration

Migrate mission-critical application to AWS with zero compromise on performance and agility

Mission-critical applications demand the same performance and resiliency characteristics as they do on premises. SmartIO and Flexible Storage Sharing (FSS) in InfoScale bring performance gains and shared storage capabilities to deliver predictable service level agreements (SLAs).

In AWS, SmartIO uses instance store -- SSD storage closest to compute as a data caching device to improve performance.

Automate data migration to AWS

World-class availability meets world-class storage management

Organizations need to ensure they are moving data to the cloud in an optimal way. InfoScale includes SmartMove technology which ensures efficient and intelligent data migration to help organizations save on bandwidth and storage costs while migrating application data to the cloud. SmartMove analyzes storage usage by looking up the file system (VxFS) metadata, and moves only relevant or active data to the cloud.

Ensure High Availability and Disaster Recovery with AWS

Extend your disaster recovery beyond data replication

Many, if not most applications require high availability in the event of a node outage (compute and/or data), or an availability zone or regional outage.

The Intelligent Monitoring Framework (IMF) technology monitors applications at a service level and triggers a fast failover when an application failure is detected. Organizations can even perform a “fire drill” to identify potential problems, and ensure that applications will fail over predictably. InfoScale offers application-aware agents for leading enterprise applications, and organizations can even write their own custom agents for in-house applications.

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