HyperScale for Containers

Cost-effective software-defined storage for containerized apps.

Persistent, enterprise-grade storage
For stateless and stateful applications

IT teams are adopting containers to realize agility, scale, and efficiency benefits while reducing costs. Although containers are mostly ephemeral, stateful applications using containers often require companies to maintain their data beyond the existence of the individual container. Designed to address the needs of all containerized apps, Veritas HyperScale for Containers uses a revolutionary dual-plane architecture to deliver enterprise capabilities, including integration for backup and disaster recovery.

  • Move containers to another host for load balancing or failover as needed
  • Provide resilient storage with reliable QoS, intelligent container placement, and clustered container capability
  • Support the accepted need for persistent data through local and external array integrations
  • Enable the isolation of data from containers to preserve their benefits
  • Off-host data protection

Get outstanding, optimized performance

Deploy your stateful and stateless apps with confidence

  • Eliminate “noisy neighbor” impacts
  • Off-host data management tasks
  • Attain a zero backup window

Experience reliable protection and resiliency

Protect workloads and data

  • Backup data for protection
  • Store versions on external storage and recover easily from snapshots
  • Maintain redundancy that matches workload needs

Pick an efficient, cost-effective solution

Optimize storage use and lower operating costs

  • Efficiently manage storage through a single pane of glass or via APIs
  • Match storage type to workload needs
  • Use fewer and partial copies to reduce overhead at performance-optimized compute layer storage

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