Cloud Storage

Storage that makes your unstructured data come alive.

Not just another object store

Veritas Cloud Storage has taken a fresh look at the needs of managing vast quantities of unstructured data and how applications such as IoT and big data can make the most out of the stored data.

  • Enable innovative, modern apps
  • Manage and govern data
  • Scale cost-effectively and resiliently

Featured Highlights

Access data flexibly

A very wide range of access protocols, plug-ins, connectors and SDKs, and an API lets you ingest, access and query your data flexibly.

Know what you have

The Veritas Information Classification engine inspects and classifies data containing personally identifiable information (PII) to help you comply with regulations such as GDPR.

Manage your data like it matters

A rich set of policies and storage services ensure that your data is secure, protected yet available as needed.

Enhance data for greater context

Flexible support for associating custom metadata allows you to enrich your data and enables stronger analytics.

Weave the workflow you desire

The embedded workflow engine lets you stitch together disparate applications to achieve business objectives using your data.

Grow as large as you need

The advanced scale-out architecture enables resilient and cost-effective growth without onerous challenges